One-stop solution for your health concerns – The all-new Nmami Life App

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One-stop solution for your health concerns – The all-new Nmami Life App

The world is gradually progressing to digitalisation and digital health trends reveal that more and more people are accessing smartphones to manage their health. There are now over 318,000 health apps available on the app stores worldwide, nearly double the number of apps available in 2015 – with more than 200 apps being added each day.

Health and Fitness- how is it crucial?

A healthy diet and physical activity or exercise improves your health and reduces the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Practising physical activity or exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity upto 150 minutes per week can improve your quality of life. A minimum of 30 minutes a day allows you to enjoy these benefits.

Impact of health apps

We are living in the 21st century where mobile usage is growing exponentially. Health apps (Mobile Health Apps) have flooded the marketplace with fervour. They help monitor, diagnose, and in some cases, aid in the treatment of certain health conditions. Due to its easy availability, affordability, and the portability, health apps have notable opportunities coming up.

We live in a digital world and health apps have become a part of it. Health-related devices like wearable gadgets to ingestible sensors and smartphone apps; everything has become easy with things just being a click away.

It can probably be tough for an individual to keep health as a priority on top of everything else in his/her jam-packed schedule. From apps which help you with calorie count to apps which help you track your fitness, many health apps have emerged in recent times!

An addition to some of the best apps is Nmami Life App, a mobile application that will provide online consultation. Nmami Life App provides personalised diet plans depending upon medical conditions.

Advancement in mobile technologies is transforming the healthcare industry by encouraging proactive patient engagement and addressing patient needs to better manage health conditions. The add-on innovations in mobile healthcare technology offer opportunities to improve access to care, reduce costs, and improve clinical outcomes.

While developing our app, we kept in our mind to have a design approach that can encompass multidisciplinary perspectives and a good detailed research was carried out to develop a thorough understanding of the users.

The diet programs are offered via Nmami Life Application– monitored by Ms Nmami Agarwal, the chief nutritionist (Founder and CEO of Nmami Life). The app contains a number of diet plans to choose from the following categories!

  • Healthy Diet Plan
  • Weight Management: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Weight Maintenance
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Kids Nutrition
  • Nutriglow: Exclusively designed for Bride and Groom-to-be
  • Therapeutic Diet Plans: Healthy Heart High Cholesterol, PCOD, Thyroid, Acne, Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Cancer, Gout, Bone & Joints, Diabetes, Geriatric Nutrition and more.

Features of Nmami life app

  • The app is available in both the AppStore and Google Play.
  • You can access to our blogs, recipes and other health-related content even if you are not a beneficiary.
  • You get reminders for meals at regular intervals.
  • There is a chat option for direct interaction of client and dietitian.
  • Progress level of the client is monitored and shown.

Bottom Line

Nmami Life mobile health app plays an essential role as the aim is to offer quality care. With the right technology, there will be more clinical efficiency and improved client outcomes.

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