Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Tweeted a Picture of Eat Right India

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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Tweeted a Picture of Eat Right India

From the very beginning, hygiene is as important as eating food. It is said that ‘the way we cook our food is as imperative as the way we choose it. Adequate cooking is the first step of right eating and ill cooking can become a common house of various diseases like food poisoning. Right eating does not necessarily mean choosing healthy food with great nutrients; it is also connected with choosing the right and healthy process of cooking.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan who is the current head of Ministry of health and family welfare took a step forward on the concept of eating right and tweeted a picture which says ‘right eating means eating hygienically prepared food.’ Not only this, he also wrote a caption around it which said “#EatRightIndia_30, since Vedic times, whoever cooked in the house, would first take a bath & wear clean clothes to ensure hygiene. ‘Right eating’ means eating hygienically prepared food. #EatRightIndia @MoHFW_INDIA @fssaiindia @PMOIndia.”

The tweet to promote food hygiene is a great step to prevent any disease and cross-contamination from the food. Many people see food hygiene like washing hands just before eating but the concept of food hygiene extends beyond this.

Importance of food hygiene
Food Hygiene also known as Food Safety can be defined as supervising, cooking and storing food or drinks in a way that reduces the risk of being sick from the food-borne disease. Be it washing hands, foods and, cooking it hygienically everything is a step closer towards healthy eating.

Importance of cleanliness related to food starts with the preparation of food. It is quintessential to use the proper cooking hygiene including washing of veggies and fruits, personal hygiene of the person who is cooking food. It is important to pay imperative heed towards cooking raw salads or fruits. The reason behind this is there is a risk of adulteration of the vegetables or fruits with soil and infectious germs that can further cause many internal diseases.

Unhygienic food can further lead to microbes which cause problems like typhoid, gastroenteritis, diarrheal diseases, abdominal cramps and even many liver infections as well. In some places though, this crucial matter always was taken lightly and is, unfortunately, being ignored by a lot of people. Since poor hygiene is a major cause of food poisoning and other related diseases, it is vital to be mindful of about the tips and tricks you follow about hygiene before cooking any kind of food.

Pointers to remind
Whether it’s the preparation of food, cooking, eating, or just hanging out, the hub of your household is your kitchen. That’s why it needs a lot of attention when it comes to cooking food with proper hygiene. To make you happy and healthy here are some essential tips that not only make you on board with kitchen hygiene rules but also helps you in keeping the nasty bacteria at bay.

  1.  Wash hands: hygiene rule 101
  2. Wipe down the countertops
  3. Don’t cross-contaminate
  4. Use bin always
  5. Scrub your sink daily
  6. Store in a proper place
  7. Wash everything properly before and after use.
  8. Good personal hygiene is the basic

Be little wise when it comes to food safety and keep all the masseurs in your mind mentioned above. After all, your health is in your hands. So, always look after the cleanliness- a way towards healthy you!

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