India’s Eminent Football Player Sunil Chhetri has Turned Vegan for Health and Fitness

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India’s Eminent Football Player Sunil Chhetri has Turned Vegan for Health and Fitness

Another sports icon joins the league of veganism alongside Virat Kohli This time it is the most celebrated football player in the country- Sunil Chhetri. In 2018, Kohli had shifted to a plant-based diet and Chhetri said his awareness came during a stint with Sporting Lisbon in 2013. He seems to have been able to crack the riddle and turn back the clock, especially in terms of his fitness.

The 35-year-old is the Indian national team’s scoring mainstay and that responsibility involves a strict diet and fitness regime.

India’s record goalscorer Sunil Chhetri said that he turned vegan not just for the environment but also for better recovery and digestion, adding the realization of a better diet as he grows older is secret behind his supreme fitness.

Indian football team captain is still the team’s go-to-man when in need of goals. He said his diet kept on improving and he was not as strict as today as 10 years back. He used to eat anything and everything 10 years back but he slowly kept changing his diet and became more strict with his diet and eating habits.

Chhetri, who has the second-most international goals among active international footballers, revealed that his stint with Sporting Lisbon back in 2012, helped him pay a little more attention to his diet.

Talking about the team and their food habits, the player said that the current crop of boys knows what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. This generation understands what is beneficial for them, and most importantly they stick to it. And it’s doesn’t end with the national team.

Chhetri has been married to Sonam and she is not vegan and enjoys her non-vegetarian dishes but it is her support towards his lifestyle that keeps the Indian goal-machine going. The footballer said that you need to understand what works best for your own body.

The player confessed that there have been occasions when people put slices of cake in my mouth. “But I never gulped it, but went to the washroom to rinse out (smiles)” he shared.

Some of the documented advantages of a vegan diet are as follows:

  • Lowers blood sugar levels and improves kidney function
  • Prevents breast, prostate and colon cancer as a vegan diet will prevent animal and processed products
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases as intake of fibre in the form of fruits and vegetables is more
  • Consumption of more probiotic-rich whole foods prevents the development of arthritis
  • Promotes healthy weight loss without cutting on any calories

While the football player is on a transient plant-based diet, for now, we hope he can make a full transition once he sees how beneficial a vegan lifestyle is, both for the body and the planet (animals).

Word of Caution

It is advised to take consideration from a qualified dietitian before following any kind of diet. Not always every person will have the same effect and same kilos of weight loss within a time frame as each person’s body type varies.

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