Farm2Fuel- Bio Energy Summit 2019

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Farm2Fuel- Bio Energy Summit 2019

The Confederation of Indian Industry, backed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, and Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, hosted the 9th edition of its flagship event- CII Bio-Energy Summit 2019 on 23rd September, New Delhi.

Agenda of summit

India aiming to reduce import of fossil fuel up to 10% by 2022. Allegiance to achieve sustainable developmental goals by the year 2030. The followed achievement depends exclusively on attaining a cleaner fuel mix for industry, domestic, and transportation purpose.

Biofuels, the feasible alternative- offers easy blending with conventional fuels, lowers GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, and various feedstock choices which includes recyclables like waste of food & grains, municipal waste, and agricultural residue.

A vigorous bio-economy will aid in providing an additional income opportunity to farmers. The agenda also had a great potential to unfold the degree of development in rural/semi-urban biomass-based communities, while providing a direct/ indirect livelihood to the masses.

The Summit scheduled for a day, themed ‘Farm2Fuel: Building India’s Bio-Economy’, focusing on the entire chain starting right from producers to end-consumers that covered initiative policies, industry action on financing, options of biofuel, workforce enhancement, enterprise development, and introducing new technologies.

Necessity of crude oil replacement act

India is majorly dependent on petroleum import, where appropriately 82 per cent of crude oil demand is met from the Middle East. In addition, increasing automobiles is a reason for the raise in the consumption of oil. In its relevance, crude oil import amounted approximately 217 million metric tons during 2018. But the same was approximately 203 million metric tons in the year 2016. This dramatic fall in the value of crude oil also leads a drop-down of foreign reserve and a frequent disturbance at the time of the rise in crude oil prices. In order to maintain rise in its prices, government including other economic experts were voiced out for crude oil replacement with biofuels.

Understanding of Biofuels

Biofuels are the type of liquid or gaseous components used as fuels in the replacement of crude oil. Its production takes place from biomass- used as an alternative and at times in addition to fuels like diesel and petrol. Crops that are high in sugar content such as sugar beet, sugarcane, and sweet sorghum are the ones utilized for biofuel production. Other than that, starchy crops like maize and tapioca and oils like sunflower, soybean, coconut, and rapeseed are used for biofuels production.

Importance of Biofuels

Producing energy is a crucial aspect of social & economic growth and development. Any modulation in socioeconomic heavily impacts on a local economy by providing power via renewable resources instead of conventional technologies. Liquid biofuels- ethanol and biodiesel have been introduced as an alternative resource to resolve the high consumption demand of conventional diesel fuels and gasoline produced from fossil fuels.

Social, economic, political, and environmental aspects associated with biofuels are analyzed and issues related with liquid fuels demand in future are intended to encourage energy experts in order to contribute in the flourishing field of energy research. Ethanol, biodiesel, biogas, hydrogen and natural gas are the promising fuels to be transported. Amongst the listed biofuels, biodiesel is a biodegradable and a non-toxic fuel which significantly reduces the toxic levels and other emissions when utilized as a fuel.

Bottom line

The advantages of biofuels are it’s readily availability, renewability, portability, non-toxicity, higher combustion efficiency, bio-degrability, lower sulfur, and aromatic content.
India has pledged that by 2030, 40% of the installed power generation capacity shall be based on clean sources.

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