“Be a Product of Mother Nature”, Akshay Kumar’s Secret of Being True to your Body!

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“Be a Product of Mother Nature”, Akshay Kumar’s Secret of Being True to your Body!

“We Are What We Eat…Be a Product of Mother Nature…DON’T be a Product of a Product #AntiSupplements”

Bollywood Superstar, Akshay Kumar, father of two, reveals that the secret of being fit is being true to your body via his recent Instagram post! Wherein, he seemed to talk about how eating clean food and in its natural form can lead you through a healthy life while strongly opposing the consumption of supplements.

So, now we know what is the secret behind Bollywood Khiladi’s six-pack! Clean diet and proper hydration is the key to get a super cool body and this B-town king has proved that no supplements can ever replace the wellness and nutrition derived from mother nature. However, if still, you look out to opt for supplements here is what you need to know about it. Have a look!

What you need to know before you opt for supplements!

  • Extra dosage of supplements can accumulate nutrients build up in the body that may hamper the kidney.
  • Any supplement that has the “natural” term written on it doesn’t mean it is safe to consume. It completely depends on its chemical composition and how the body accepts it. So, do not fall for any “XYZ” supplements.
  • Every individual has a different type of body and is unique in nature hence, supplement regimen is also supposed to be different. Therefore, it is always suggested to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before introducing it in your diet.
  • Quality check is another aspect, you need to look before you opt for the supplements. Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) help ensure the identity and composition of the supplement.

Ask out loud to yourself before falling for supplements

  • Dose to be taken daily/ weekly?
  • How to be taken, when to be taken and for how long to be taken?
  • What are the potential benefits of consuming that particular supplement to your health?

Bottom Line

Having said that, incorporating supplements to the diet is not necessary! Simply following a healthy balanced diet which includes all the essential nutrients will naturally upgrade the quality of your diet and minimize the necessity of taking supplements!

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