B-town diva Malaika Arora’s side plank post is motivating us to set some serious fitness goals!

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B-town diva Malaika Arora’s side plank post is motivating us to set some serious fitness goals!

No one can ever deny the fact that a plank is considered one of the most challenging workouts with numerous benefits. It not only endows proper toning of the shoulders, obliques, legs but also bestows perfect polish to every single part of the body from head to hip. Not abide by this; it also helps in strengthen the muscles of your lower back and give you that appealing belly.

Malaika Arora, who is well known in the industry for her charming looks and pleasing acting from a long time, is flawless then and flawless now.

The chaiyya-chaiyya girl has not only proved her sensuous dance moves but also setting a healthy inspiration for her fans to keep going that daily dose of workout.

Also, this 45-year-old lady icon recently won the Fittest Woman of The Year 2019 Awards, and why not! She is quite the fitness inspiration for many people across the world.

Now, this b-town diva is motivating us for some serious fitness goals in her latest Instagram post. By showing her love for the plank, actor Malaika Arora posted a photo of herself performing the arduous side plank on Instagram. She not only shared some pictures where she was performing an extremely difficult side plank but also conveyed various benefits of a plank with a long caption.

Malaika Arora with her comfortable yet fashionable athleisure has proved us that we can all slay our gym look with ease and gets the perfect body in no time if we hit our everyday goals in the gym. Her of blue and white sports bralette with black yoga pants are as perfect as she looks while performing her favourite side plank! With such flexibility and toned body, it is no wrong to say that our Munni is badnaam but for all the virtuous commitments!

Let’s take a deep look at what she informed about the benefits of planks:

Well known for strengthen the core: Stop cheating and give it a try and feel the magic in your belly muscles! Planks help in building a strong core and great abs if done rightly and consistently every day for about 30 seconds. Just be strong and put a timer of 30 seconds every day for betterment.

Fuel up the arms and wrists: Balancing the side plank requires your single-arm and it is a perfect technique to make your shoulder, arms, and wrists stronger. Try this magical plank every day for about 30 seconds and feel the difference yourself.

Improvisation of balance: It is no wrong to say that side plank maintain and improves the balance. Challenge yourself on the very first day you are starting it and start noticing the difference with every single day. Don’t push yourself on the very first day. Improvise with every new day and trust us! Your balance will definitely improve.

Toned legs: This 30 seconds full-body exercise is really a leg toner. Keep trying and lift the thighs and get the flawless legs in no time.

With this much great benefits, get ready to give these planks a shot early morning. Get your daily dose of inspiration from this Bollywood diva and get ready to hit your gym. Stay tuned for more updates.

We wish you a happy plank.

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