Anil Kapoor’s inspiring sprint with mushy caption is worth drooling for.

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Anil Kapoor’s inspiring sprint with mushy caption is worth drooling for.

The glamour world’s evergreen actor, Anil Kapoor took on Instagram a touching and cute post with a video of him running on a racing track. He wrote a caption giving credits to his wife for his health and fitness and wishing her ‘Happy Karwahchuath’ at the same time. Still fit at 62 years of age, the actor follows a disciplined diet and fitness routine, even at his shoots.

A father of three grown-up children still looks smart, active and energetic. The actor has crossed his 50s and is currently in his 60s but seems like he still is in his 40s. He still manages to give competition to other millennial actors.

The actor who has been defying ages, spends approximately two to three hours in the gym and workout differently as per the roles he plays in his movies. He also includes free weight, sit-ups, crunches, chair squats and pushups in his workout sessions at gym. The actor also practices yoga as well. His day begins at 6 a.m. with 10 minutes of cardio to warm up. And he works out for 3 days a week in the gym and on other days 3 days outdoors. He once confessed saying he wants to be fit and look lean because a lean look allows you to take up all kinds of role-from comedy and romance to drama. When you bulk up, it limits your roles.

His exercise regime surely proves that he’s getting fitter and younger day by day. The kind of drive and passion he has at this stage for keeping his body fit and active is worth inspiring. The young actor’s acting career of more than 4 decades has definitely influenced his zeal to stay fit and healthy.

If you have decided to shed those extra kilos then, sprinting can be an option, if you are aged.

Running on a treadmill can be mundane and can often get tedious and has chance of losing motivation as well. To keep yourself braced up with the dream of shedding weight, you can go for sprinting.

Sprinting are short runs which requires you to run as hard as you can but for shorter distances.

✔ Builds muscle
✔ Burns fat and calories
✔ Raises metabolic rate
✔ Helps in weight loss
✔ Builds cardiovascular capacity
✔ Reduces visceral abdominal fat

Sprinting is an anerobic exercise and so it helps build muscles and works in the same way as weight training does. It uses dozens of muscles at the same time and this is why it is a complete muscle training exercise.

Sprinting can enhance protein synthesis pathways which help in breaking down protein. With the right nutrition and training, sprinting can help you promote muscle building, allowing your body to become leaner.

Take advice from the right fitness trainer before going for any kind of workout. Happy working out!

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