Alia Bhatt’s Rigorous Workout with Her Bestie is going to be Your Perfect Motivation for the Day!

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Alia Bhatt’s Rigorous Workout with Her Bestie is going to be Your Perfect Motivation for the  Day!

They say ‘nothing lasts forever except a good friendship.’ Alia Bhatt’s friendship with Akansha Ranjan has clearly proved the statement true in every sense. The friendship of these two besties not only stood the test of time but also appeared as a perfect example of workout buddies. Alia and Akansha have been friends from a long time and it now seems like that they can’t even do a workout without each other.

Actress Alia Bhatt recently shared a story on her social media where she and her best friend Akansha Ranjan is working out together and giving all of us major workout and fitness goals.

Working out is extremely important to keep the body fit and fine and Bollywood stars are one of that significant wind of inspiration that encourage us in a way no one can ever do! Talking about the same, actress Alia Bhatt always goes an extra mile when it comes to maintain a healthy weight with a blooming lifestyle.

With the latest video of her workout session, she looks tired and panting and giving us all major work out goals and inspiration to knockout the gym right away with our besties.

The Combination of Exercises
Alia Bhatt is never behind in exercising thoroughly and taking her diet on time. With her workout regimen, anyone can get a flat belly and toned body in no time. Alia’s workout routine is a blend of strength, functional and high-intensity exercises. She also loves running and admires working out her legs. Biking and skipping is her favourite sport and she can literally do it any time of the day. Alia Bhatt’s daily regime includes a mix of cardio, weight training, dance and, yoga exercises. Apart from gymming and weight training, she also involves herself in running, swimming, kickboxing, and, intense cardio workouts. She manages to go gym four to five times a week and never behind in maintaining a healthy diet with the goodness of good nutrients.

Her workout regime comprises of:

  1.  Running on the treadmill
  2.  Dumbbell
  3.  Push-up
  4.  Lateral pull-down
  5.  Biceps curls
  6.  Triceps pushdown
  7.  Crunches
  8.  Back extensions
  9.  Lunges
  10.  Squats

This beautiful fitness freak is very fond of yoga. She always tries to add different yoga postures in her daily exercise routine to make herself flexible and to de-stress her mind. She performs chakrasana, bhujnagasna, suryanamaskar, pranayama, and many other postures that are not only good for her body but also soothe her mind.

Alia Bhatt’s transformation from chubby to toned body has left everyone speechless but after that, how she manages her body with the correct exercise and proper diet is what proving everyone that the lady is a pro! Apart from her best friend who is always at her toe to hit the gym with her, the enormous credit goes to her strict diet plans. To sustain her gorgeous looks and abs, the b-town diva keeps her eye away from the refined foods stuffs like sugar, carbs, oil and junkies. With plenty of water, she always chooses to eat 5 meals a day that inculcates a different combination of nutrients.

As per some sources her diet plan includes:

  1. Breakfast: Bread toast or cornflakes, a bowl of vegetable poha, a sandwich that is made up of an egg white. Tea or coffee without sugar.
  2.  Mid-day: A glass of vegetable juice, definitely a fruit, idli along with a bowl of Sambhar.
  3. Lunch: Dal, roti with vegetables (without oil).
  4. Evening: Fruits, cup of unsweetened coffee or tea.
  5.  Dinner: Roti, rice, veggies, a bowl of dal, piece of chicken breast.

We are sure the fitness and diet insights of Alia Bhatt did serve some motivation to you, however, always remember that workout and diet should always be personalized and customized to suit your body type. When in doubt, consult a nutritionist!

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