The Unhealthy Trend of Fixing Self-Esteem with Botox

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The Unhealthy Trend of Fixing Self-Esteem with Botox

Oh, self-esteem! The two words both have a significant meaning but now, have changed its roots to something different, new and may be dangerous. The meaning of this word is different for everyone, for some, it can come with the basics like fancy food and sleep whereas, for some it may be a warm bubble bath or study, while for many others it can be something that incorporates an injection or syringe of Botulinum Toxin into their faces.

Botulinum Toxin, also known as the Botox, is a purified neurotoxin which is majorly responsible for the muscle-paralyzing and can also create a life-threatening condition due to the rare poisoning caused by Botulinum. This dangerous toxin along with the injectable for the face-freezing, plumping, reducing of the fine lines and wrinkles has now officially taken over the so-called self-care space.

These Botox treatments that lead to diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles and leading to overall wellness are becoming a greater part of the self-esteem conversation. People said that looking young and fresh directly boosts their confidence and self-esteem. But even though the Big B sounds like young beauty and happy health there is something disadvantageous about the whole procedure and leads to a person’s well-being into a doubt. It is well said that “not everything that makes a person feel good about themselves at the moment counts as an act of wellness.” For example, cyber bullying or binging while scrolling down the social media or sitting over a seat due to societal insecurities for a temporary fix with various disadvantages over a period of time. 

But the scenario of today’s world is different. Many people across the globe believe that beauty is extremely important (which it is) and for that, they think various treatments like Botox injectables are the key. They also thought that self-esteem and beauty go hand in hand. But here is something for all those believers who consider Botox as self-care. Read the understated cons of Botox and see how this trend of fixing self-esteem actually takes you to the path of self-destruction.”


  • The results are temporary: One of the topmost disadvantages of BOTOX is the effects of its treatment is temporary in nature. Its effects only last between two to eight months. After the results are over, patients have to go back to the same place i.e., go back to top-up the limit of injections with the leading costs.
  • Pain at its best: The treatment includes a lot of pain! Yes, that’s truly fine needles going in the face. Just assume the pain! It is known as another prominent disadvantage of BOTOX treatment. Various injections and can also cause irritations and can further lead to allergy as well.
  • Ultimate cause of bruising: Almost all BOTOX treatments create a sense of itchiness of bruising around the area of injections used. This may be for a shorter period of time but it will definitely feel like heartburn on your skin.
  • Muscle weakness: Due to the various injectables used on the skin, this treatment can easily weaken the muscles which further leads to the deterioration of the skin quality. As a result, you will get a habit of such treatments.
  • Droopy eyes and swelling: Due to the harsh chemicals used on the face, your eyes are also at risk of problems. You can have a feeling of lazy droopy eyes after going through this Botox treatment.


Dietary and Lifestyle Interventions 

So, the points written above prove that Botox treatments are not a healthy way to treat your skin. Instead of going through these treatments just change your eating habits and lifestyle and you will definitely notice a change in not only in your face health but also in your overall well-being. Try eating foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it will nourish your skin and boosts the quality of your skin as well. Add dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, and many others in your diet to get the daily nutrition of omega-3 fatty acids. Add citrus rich fruits in your diet to get a bombshell beauty on the face. Seeds are also an effective source of giving you essential oil that helps promotes skin health. Consume such foods and you will soon gain youthful beauty in no time.


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