My Inside-Out Natural Glow Story

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My Inside-Out Natural Glow Story

Every girl wants radiant, glowing skin! One that shines and gets us the compliments and doesn’t need make-up for a perfect #nofilter selfie! I know you’re smiling as you read this because this does resonate with you

So here is my story that paved the way to glowing, radiant, youthful, no filter skin – I went through my ‘bad phase’ from 2009 to 2013 where I had leaky gut, 18 hours migraine, insomnia, over-analyzing addiction, anxiety and you can imagine its repercussion on my skin!

The way I would solve it? All surface level stuff – creams, treatments, expensive products, peels so on and so forth.

I was left with worse skin – open pores, dullness, wrinkles forming, dryness – and then came a breaking point – where I had no choice but to solve my issues – I was at the peak of my career in STAR India Private Limited but deep inside I was ‘unhappy’. This dilemma was an eye opener along with all my issues and the gullible choices I made to solve it!

2014– the year I said ‘no more, I’m done!’ – not only was it expensive but also exhausting to constantly depend on all these external things and still not feel great!

So I gave it all up – make-up, treatments, face packs and just focused on the inside. What I saw was magical – an inside out glow with just holistic lifestyle and nutrition. It also led my journey into being a wellness and life coach because I realized that so many were moving towards this goal like headless chickens and spending tons of time and money – both of which are precious! It got me to launch ‘’, my brand and my 3 homegrown superfoods, which I swear by

So here are some clear inputs I would give to anyone out there who desires a glowing, radiant skin, which is make-up and maintenance free! (here is proof of my picture with make up in 2009 and without make up in 2019 – a 10 year gap, which will convince you to give these inputs a shot ;))

  • Routines– 3 most important routines are superfoods morning, myplate eating ritual and awesome night routine! In this I incorporated food, breathing, meditation as a combination that really brings about a change inside-out.
  • Herbs– India is so rich with such fabulous herbs! So many are not leveraging it for real healing powers. This excited me to launch my 3 homegrown superfoods – SUPERHERBS, SUPERDETOX, SUPER RADIANCE. Not only me but I also see so many of my clients do so well with these! Herbs are a must of our nutrition plan ☺
  • Feel Good– 90% of our day must feel good – either it is the job we are doing, purpose we are pursuing, relationships we are investing in, day that we are leading – it has to feel good – if it isn’t then that needs to be checked on! We are meant to have a day that feels awesome ☺
  • Breathing– the only thing we do as conscious and unconscious beings – that eliminates toxins, makes us feel present in the moment – breathing techniques are a must in our daily lives.
  • Nutrition– There are 2 things – what we eat and when we eat – when we get that combination right which suits our gut health, digestion, cleansing of toxins, we know we are in the perfect spot that works for our bio-individuality. Remember one size doesn’t fit all – so find your perfect size here.

Knowing the significance of the above 5 inputs, I launched ‘10 STEPS to natural glow online masterclass’ so that anyone in the world can access it whenever they want and follow these 10 steps! You also get complimentary samples of two of my homegrown superfoods which are part of the plan of course! Click here for the masterclass link

Having been through a rough patch to now feeling so much freedom in being who I am – I know for sure that if it isn’t effortless and sustainable, then it definitely won’t get long term results ☺

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