Let’s say “Bottoms Up” the right way!

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Let’s say “Bottoms Up” the right way!

It’s common knowledge that constantly drinking alcohol is bad for any person’s health as it aids weight gain, brings your various metabolic pathways to halt etc. Every coin has two sides, so do these drinks. Keeping aside its side effects, the benefits act as a tonic for the body only if consumed in moderation.

While you are off on a holiday, raising that toast with friends becomes compulsory to be a part of the social gig. For those party animals out there, holidays are just incomplete without holding the wine glass at the cruise or having those vodka shots at the trippy parties. You need not give up on these drinks unless consumed within the prescribed quantity:

  • Red Wine: Let that wine pour into your glass when you know that the resveratrol (form of antioxidant) elements would actually boost heart health and help in lowering your cholesterol level. Definitely, a friendly drink for those on the weight loss regime, and for that extra dose of nutrients, do garnish it with chopped apple/ strawberries. Quantity: 1 glass a day
  • Vodka: What joy in drinking  Bloody Mary, Martini or Mojito without that extra punch of vodka in it. Being the drink having least amount of calories, it also comes to your service as a beauty aid by cleansing the pores on your skin due to its astringent properties. Don’t forget to squeeze lime and add water to neutralize its effects. Quantity: 1-2 shot a day (Not more than 2 shots in 20 minutes)
  • Tequila: Bollywood too has been obsessed with this drink jamming it in their blockbuster songs like “2 Tequila shots ”.Well, this bitter spirit was probably designed for celiac patients as it is gluten-free and a post-meal shot may stimulate digestion. Also  little booze could be good for your heart as it has the ability to lower your bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol levels. Look out for 100% agave on the label while buying in stock for not to compromise on the quality and benefits. Quantity: 1 shot a day.
  • Whiskey: When we think about whiskey, those hard-drinking cowboys in old movies taking shots before barroom bawls come to mind, right? This grain-derived alcohol that is made by fermenting rye, barley, wheat or corn is the perfect one for those trying to lose the winter weight or keeping that summer body in shape because luckily a single shot has zero carbs and zero fat. Since it helps dilate the capillaries and helps with circulation, it serves as an excellent decongestant and can actually cure a cold.In case you didn’t know, each variety of whiskey has a meaning hidden behind its name! Quantity: 1 shot a day
  • Beer: The third most popular drink preceded by tea and water, beer is something that goes well with almost everyone. The straight away fact that you tend to urinate several times after intake of this chilled drink shows it’s ability to flush out kidney and gallstones  from your body. This age-old diuretic actually is a cure for insomnia as it contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid (nutrients) which promote sleep after a tiring day at your vacation. Quantity: 1-2 mug a day
  • Rum: This old monk toast enriched with tantalizing benefits for your body keeps diabetes at bay as one or two spoons of it is said to decrease blood sugar levels in the body.. It is often said that having 1 peg a day can be beneficial for those having low immunity levels. Quantity: 1/3rd  glass a day
  • Champagne: You needn’t feel guilty next time you pop the champagne cork for an indulgent breakfast as this fizzy stuff is actually good for you. It can act as an amazing hair rinse, helping boost the volume of your locks. Though an expensive detoxifier in comparison to wine, it detoxifies the skin with antioxidants and lightening tartaric acid helps even out skin tone. Quantity: 1 glass a day
  • Other Beverages: I know you cannot avoid those that fizzy, aerated mocktails and cocktails with extra punch of sugary syrups right? These beverages can be refreshing enough if you choose them the right way. Asking the stewards to add in chopped fruits in your lemonades, iced tea can be smarter options while you are travelling to keep nutrition intact . Also for all those smoothies lover out there make sure you avoid whipped cream, chocolates, sugar, cookies  in your ingredients and go for fresh fruit based yoghurt ones like Strawberry flaxseed smoothie or Coffee cinammom smoothie.

Over to you:

Those happy hours at clubs and restaurants are definitely like a cherry on the cake for an alcoholic lover. But the basic rule of drinking in moderation is the key to success should be kept in mind always. Light snacking like paneer/ chicken tikka(roasted/ grilled), fruit salad, roasted chana etc along with alcohol is as essential as eating after brushing in case you wish not to tax your poor little liver. The idea should be not to get drunk every night but enjoy the popping bubbles within the prescribed quantity.

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    1. Choosing healthy lifestyle like avoiding smoking, excessive sugar and fat intake along with a physical routine can get rid of its side effects from the body Only if you consume in moderation.

  1. It really helpful to those who fear of proper drinking and for those who have habit of excessive drinking.

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