Here’s how you can Fight off Screen Dependency Disorder

By      14-Nov 2019       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Here’s how you can Fight off Screen Dependency Disorder

Do you remember your life before you entered the world of social media, smartphones, and screens? We bet you don’t! People got so involved in their phones and screens now-a-time that they even can sleep or wake up without checking it. Look around you! Almost everyone is indulged in their phone/laptops/i-pads screens. No matter, what the time is no one is having time to look around and observe the natural things. Be it shopping or collecting information looking out on the screens becomes a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

At first, it may seem like magic that scrolling down your fingers through the screen can give you much more than just pictures! But when you go deep in the lane of its usage and disadvantages you will notice a bundle of it that will not only make you physically sick but will also take away your mental harmony. We cracked the code of the reason behind one of the major illnesses i.e. screen dependency disorder and will guide you on how to interrupt the process of this to save the rest of your life.

Screen dependency disorder is a global problem and can affect and disturb the life like nothing else. Various researches said that this type of sedentary lifestyle can take a person through the doors of obesity, stress, anxiety, poor eyesight and nutrition. Different rude behaviors have also been noticed in the brain structure and function of the people who are continuously involved in their screen.

Various doctors recommended setting limits for the usage of screens and we are here with some tips that help you to keep the screen time under control.

Make a plan that encourages meaningful screen use: The first and foremost thing that can help you in breaking the habit of screen dependency is making a full and final plan for using the screens and phones when necessary. At first, you won’t be able to follow your plan properly but with the time you will get habitual of it. Meaningful screen usage on a regular basis will not only make you de-stress your mind but also give your eyes a space to relax.

Diversify your activities: It is no wrong to say that free and boredom time can make you force to look at your phone. A lot of free time can make you scroll down and stare to your screen which can also make you feel depressed and create tensions in your mind. So, involvement in different types of activities can save you from unnecessary scrolling and wastage of time.

Get creative in your free time: Creativity can take over your negative thoughts and can make you busy which can directly lessen your cravings of indulging in the phone. Various researches said that indulging in activities like drawing, painting, modeling and many more can produce good mood endorphins and boosts your mood as well which can help you in forgetting about scrolling down your phone’s screen.

Be busy with reading: Reading is one of the great things that can make you focus on more on real-life than reel life. By reading books and novel you can make you more informative and descriptive and take away the habit of looking into the phone after every 2 minutes.

Hope, we have tried breaking your screen habit by mentioning the listed ways above. Try and practice the same to achieve best of your life. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends and family as well!

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