4 Celebs and their Perfect Diet Plans by Nmami Agarwal

By      29-Nov 2017       Reading Time: 3 Mins

4 Celebs and their Perfect Diet Plans by Nmami Agarwal

You must have felt like living a celeb’s life at some point till date. But do you know what all they do to maintain their stardom and uphold their style quotient?It’s a rigid fitness regime and a next to perfect diet plan. Stated below are 4 celebs, who changed their lives for the better with personalised and balanced diet plans by Nmami Agarwal.

  • Michael Clarke
    The former Australian Cricket team Captain firmly believes that diet education is a must in today’s generation as there’s an immense increase in the obese population and eating disorders. Though this World-Class Cricketer loves a buttery ‘Naan’ once in a while, but he emphasises deeply on consuming fresh fruits and light beverages. He also follows the rule of never eating fully and believes in having small balanced meals throughout the day.
  • Gautam Gambhir
    The Kolkata Knight Riders Captain is exceptionally fit. He follows an extremely rigid fitness regime with a perfect intake of proteins, carbs & fats in his diet. While a higher intake of protein is recommended for a sportsperson, a plate of carbs & fats a day doesn’t hurt, rather it helps to balance the diet better.
  • Asha Bhat
    Asha Bhat never fails to stun everyone with her glowing skin and shining hair. This beauty starts her day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. It subtly detoxes the body from toxins, which you might have incurred after a festivity or occasion. Well, she also keeps her diet full of healthy fats with Chia, Flax & Pumpkin seeds, for an efficient intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.
  • Deepti Sati
    Deepti Sati’s secret to a fit & healthy lifestyle is her perfectly balanced diet throughout the day. We personalised her diet plan keeping in mind her tight work schedule, where she has a perfect segregation of proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and every other nutrients.

Eating healthy does wonders to your life and body in many ways. Having the right amount of every nutrient is extremely important for everyone, and it doesn’t matter where you belong from. It’s also very important to stay committed to your diet and exercise routine to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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8 thoughts on “4 Celebs and their Perfect Diet Plans by Nmami Agarwal”

  1. I am a student, I’m facing anxiety I eat healthy from morning to evening but in night I face eating disorder. I do beinge eating and then I feel guilty despite I know I’m doing wrong by eating unhealthy before consuming .

    1. Hi Gargi – While following a healthy diet, we all tend to face difficulty to keep a strong motivation.
      However, one must try not to deviate from the plan.
      So, during night hours when hunger pangs strikes, opt for fruits (apple/peaches/ strawberry/papaya) or milk.

  2. Hello after c-section and stopping of breast feed still milk is coming and I got weight gain.how to control it?

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