6 Overrated Skin Care Products

By      13-Nov 2019       Reading Time: 7 Mins

6 Overrated Skin Care Products

There’s no denying to the fact that social media has become one of the significant places to show, search and buy the latest skincare trends. People rate a lot of skincare products and even give tag skincare essential to certain products but are they really essential or just overrated? Are the products that listed as best are literally worth it or these products are just the hype in skincare industry?

Although a plethora of nicely packaged products have become a necessity these days and can be found in the bag of every woman. We have brought you some products that are majorly overrated in accordance to the final results when used.

While these trendy skincare must-haves have gained tons of appreciations, we still believe there’s not something major to be hyped. Besides, just because a high-priced brightening sheet mask has a four- star rating doesn’t mean it is really nice and gives you that white fair skin as it swears.

By keeping a lot of things in mind, we have listed some overrated skincare purchases that probably cost you a fortune and aren’t even worth giving the shots. You may take a long waiting list and keep a clear eye on the tabs to list down all the positive points about it a lot but let us take you through the actual lane of its descriptions. From expensive charcoal masks to facial toners, below are 6 products you better not spend your money on, even if the beauty vloggers endorse a lot.

Jade roller: While scrolling down on social media you must have seen facial rollers on Instagram. Various researches said that these rollers do not support any benefits to the skin. Jade rollers may look like gentle and comforting, but they don’t have any benefits as they promise on the skin. Various home-made remedies are likely to have much more significant impacts on the skin than these overrated rollers.

Toner: Everybody sees toner as an antioxidant-rich which is extremely beneficial for skin health. But various researches said that these toners aren’t exactly what they promise. Facial toners can even dehydrate the skin which can further cause various skin problems like inflammation and acne. Alcohol-based toners can even be more dreadful to the skin. So, instead of using these toners choose products that are rich in glycolic and salicylic acid because it can easily treat your acne and dead skin.

Sheet mask: The on-going trend of sheet mask makes almost everyone to use it while making it skincare essential. These are not so expensive and promise to soothe and brighten your skin in no time. But do you really think that these can do any magic to your skin? Obviously not, sheet masks have minimal benefit on the skin in the long run. However, the promised results can be achieved by simply incorporating vitamin C and vitamin E rich fruits in your diet.

Activated charcoal mask: Activated charcoal mask is something which has become overly famous in the recent past. It promises to bring out the best beauty by removing all the dead skin and blackheads. Not only this, activated charcoal products claim to cleanse your pores deeply with much ease. However, various studies have shown that charcoal masks do not exactly detox clogged pores as they promise to do. Yes, they can give benefit but to the skin which comes in only direct contact to it. The effects it provides are very great and significant. It gives oil-free skin for a certain period of time and makes your pores even larger after some time.

Fairness creams: Fairness creams are in great limelight these days. It not only promises to make your skin better but also assures to brighten and lighten your skin in no time. But trust us these creams are of no use. It can even enlarge your pores and a lot of usage of these creams can even make you develop acne and dryness on your skin.

Instead of spending unnecessary money and effort in purchasing these overrated skincare products we suggest you to spend half of the money in your diet and add foods from all the food groups. We bet, your skin will glow naturally even might help in delaying old age skin.

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