10 Best Kitchen Tips

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10 Best Kitchen Tips

A critical part of eating and staying healthy is keeping the food clean and safe. Keeping your surroundings in and around the kitchen clean and developing healthy clean habits is all you need to maintain your health. You can make sure that you keep your kitchen and food-safe by following a few tips listed below. Have a look!

Wash your hands with soap: Wash your hands thoroughly under running water with soap before preparing the food. Doing so will help remove live bacteria from the hand and will save you from many communicable diseases, minimize contamination and infections.

Chopping and washing areas should be separate: Both areas should be kept clean. The washing area should be kept dry to avoid any bacterial growth. The chopping area should be kept tidy to avoid any contamination and keep it bacteria-free.

Don’t reuse oil, change the oil every alternate month: Avoid even reheating, frying or using the oil in any way; it gets converted to trans-fat. Be aware of the type of oil and the temperature at which it can be cooked. Consume all types of oil which includes- canola, sunflower, safflower, mustard, and olive and make sure to keep changing.

 Use separate utensils for non-vegetarian and vegetarian food items and wash these utensils properly: Be sure to keep your boards separate from one another. Wash chopping boards and knives with hot soapy water after food preparation, especially after cutting raw meat, poultry or seafood. You can even sanitize cutting boards and counters with a dilute bleach solution. Add 2/3 cup bleach to 1 glass of water; put in a spray bottle for easy use.

Immediately consume the food as you prepare: Cut vegetables should never be left out at room temperature, instead, they should be stored properly. Don’t keep the food for too long, even in the refrigerator or outside. It may develop mould or bacterial growth which at times cannot be seen with naked eyes.

Clean your appliances and equipment immediately after use: Use hot soapy water to clean types of equipment like chopping boards, dishes, and crockery. Appliances like the toaster, microwave, refrigerator, blenders, and grinders should be cleaned regularly on the same day of the usage.

Wear Apron: Apron not only saves your clothes from getting stained but also acts as a protection to save hot oil from spilling on to your clothes, which may catch fire, in case you are wearing synthetic clothes.

Clean and sanitize preparation surfaces, gas stove and counters regularly: You can sanitize and clean countertops using simple plain water regularly at least once in a day or with hot soapy water once in a week. You can simply wipe off with a sponge.

Clean sweep refrigerated foods once a week: Discard any food items which you’ve kept over a week or even foods that are two days old. You can use hot water and sponge off any spilled liquid or stains which may be there.

2-Hour Rule: Refrigerate or freeze perishables, leftovers, and prepared food within 2 hours. Avoid leaving them out for long at room temperature. Even food removed from refrigeration should never sit for more than 2 hours.

Be safe and healthy. All you need to do is follow the suggested 10 best kitchen tips! It’s a short guide to your kitchen and food safety. So, bookmark this page and be prepared with all these masseurs.

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