What Women Really Want From Their Employers

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What Women Really Want From Their Employers

It’s without a doubt that women make one of the best leaders when it comes to the corporate world. There has been a surge of women-driven companies and start-up’s and the numbers are surely going to rise manifold in the coming future. As per the reports from Business Insider, there is a listing of 25 female CEO’s in the Fortune 500 list. Although gender should not be a factor to decide whether or not a person can be a great leader, but women are believed to possess greater leadership skills and approach their careers in a self-reflective way.

Women leaders and employees are driven by passion, determination with a sense of empathy. They define leadership through a holistic and disciplinary attitude and believe in knowledge sharing and connecting with their employees or colleagues.

Although no woman employee will fit the exact same size, but there might be a common list of traits that a woman employee might expect from their employers:

  1. Pay Equity and Omission of Gender Pay Gap: Let’s admit the truth- gender wage gap exists! It might have toned down but is still pretty much there.  Gender pay gap is real and it gets worsened with authoritative positions. As per a latest report by International Labour Organization (ILO), India has the highest gender wage gap in the world with women being paid 34% less than men for the same role ad designation. When talking about gender wage gap amongst CEO’s, this gap is as much as 40%. Not just in India, this trend hold true globally as well.
  2. Work-Life Balance Initiatives with Flexibility: Its high time that work-life balance becomes a reality. Women have been multitasking since the times immemorial. Be it any kind of household, the responsibility of kids and taking care of the family have always been prime accountabilities of women. They often have to undertake the role of a devout mother, nurturing wife and then juggle between their official roles. This adds up to a lot of stress and maybe one of the reasons why women tend to suffer more from general anxiety disorders when compared to men. So, may be the inclusion of flexible working hours with a stipulated target might serve the purpose for many female employees out there. Creating flexible leave policies with PTO (paid time off) will also come to the rescue for many multitasking female employees.
  3. Fostering a Healthy Work Environment: Most of the jobs today require extensive sitting hours. This is turn can lead to an array of health problems like indigestion, joint pain, back pain, cervical issues or even problems like Diabetes or heart diseases. It can definitely lead to obesity as well. Women are quire prone to hormonal irregularities and weight issues, and prolonged sitting just adds up to it. We should promote healthier workplaces that have the options of working out, stretching a bit or some sort of active movement. In fact, this should be considered for male employees too.
  4. Finding their Calling: Women employees certainly want to have opportunities that fit their skills with meaningful work that connects to their purpose, values, and work-life fit. The job or responsibility should be centred to the identity of the female employee with being intrinsically meaningful and enjoyable. While any job has certain tasks and requirements, crafting a perfect job is about customizing how these requirements are accomplished in a way that is personally aligned as per the strengths and values of an individual.
  5. Real Leadership Opportunities: Most of the female employees lookout for the chances of appraisal, promotion, and leadership development trainings, however, only a fraction of female employees are considered for these. There is no statistical difference the opportunities, but women are seen as less viable candidates compared to male peers.

Having female employees and retaining them for long is associated with positive work culture and better organizational outcomes both for men and women. It is the time now when corporate should start paying heeds to “what female employees want”!

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