Weekly FAQ Series

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Weekly FAQ Series

We are here with our Weekly FAQ Series on the basis of our constant viewers questions and user  user queries. In this series, we present answers to the frequently asked question over our various social media channels. Hope this weekly questions and answers series will help sort your concerns related to health. To ask more about health, nutrition and food you can comment down below at the end of this FAQ post or reach to us on any of our social media network

  • What foods are best to combat muscle pain?
    There are various foods that combat muscle pain. Some of the essential foods that fight muscle soreness include eggs which are a rich source of proteins and help in muscle rebuilding and development; turmeric helps with quick recovery and reduces the pain caused by muscle soreness. Bananas are also boost muscle growth as they are rich in potassium. Green leafy vegetables and berries stimulate digestion, boost immunity and ensure speedy recovery. Consuming ginger also reduces exercise induced muscle pain by up-to 25%
  • If I work out regularly, do I need to consume protein supplements?
    The best way to consume your protein is as much as through natural food sources like eggs, chicken, soy, lentils and pulses. The requirement of protein consumption depends upon the intensity of workout and your diet, and also much on your body type including height, weight, gender and age. The more rigorous you work out, the more nutrition is demanded by the muscles which requires increased amount of protein to be added in your diet. But, the best way to ensure optimum consumption of protein by your muscles should be done by consuming high quality biologically active protein through natural sources. If, at all you think you require supplementation, consult a qualified nutritionist first.
  • What are the vegetarian sources of Vitamin B12?
    Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for the body as it protects and promotes a healthy nervous system. It is largely found in animal products. However, some of the vegetarian sources of this vital nutrient are dairy products, shitake mushrooms, nutritional yeast, and cereals fortified with added vitamins and minerals.
  • What foods to eat to get fiber from diet?
    In order to ensure fiber intake, a well-balanced diet is important. You can get your daily requirement of fiber intake from fruits, vegetable, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Fiber are excellent to stimulate healthy digestion and promote healthy weight management. High fibre foods can also reduce blood cholesterol levels. Foods packed with high fiber content include apple, bananas, oranges, berries, mangoes, leafy greens, legumes and beans, nuts and seeds and whole grains like ragi, bajra, jowar, oats and whole wheat. Therefore, make sure you consume adequate fiber from the above mentioned sources.
  • I am not able to lose post-pregnancy weight. What to do?
    Losing post pregnancy weight can be quite stressful as your body undergoes a series of transformation due to hormonal, physiological and psychological changes. Post pregnancy period can be quite energy draining also because you might feel tired quite often and have to sustain energy to provide breast feeds to your little one. It is essential to take care of your diet. Make sure you don’t skip the breakfast and include plenty of fiber-rich foods in your diet, avoid processed foods, unhealthy fats and sugary foods, take out time for exercise. Try to count on your calories and consume a protein rich diet. Whenever in doubt, consult a qualified nutritionist who can guide you step by step to help you achieve your desired body weight.  In addition to diet, exercise and yoga are also beneficial in managing weight. So, in a nutshell, consume healthy foods, adequately hydrate yourself, indulge in physical activity and take proper rest to shed pounds post-pregnancy.

The questions followed in Weekly FAQ Series are all the compilation of our viewers/followers questions and lately customized to portray in the question and answers series accordingly. The presented content offer/provide the generic advice/information only. We do not suggest/recommend the listed answers to substitute with any qualified medical prescription and opinion. Request you to always consult a doctor or specialist in extreme cases and illness.


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