Weekly FAQ Series

By Nmami Agarwal     04-Jul 2019

Weekly FAQ Series

We are here with our next Weekly FAQ Series on the basis of our constant viewer’s questions and user queries. In this series, we present answers to the frequently asked question over our various social media channels. Hope this weekly questions and answers series will help sort your concerns related to health. To ask more about health, nutrition and food you can comment down below at the end of this FAQ post or reach to us on any of our social media network

1. How can I gain healthy weight?

There is always a surge of information and intervention request for weight loss diet, but somehow gaining weight in a healthy way holds an equal importance too. You can incorporate the following dietary tips in your daily regime to achieve a healthy weight gain in proportion you’re your height-

  • Include calorie dense foods in your diet like- almonds, dates, walnuts, figs, raisins and banana. These foods will help you stack on calories in a healthy way, without hampering your body negatively.
  • Focus on quality and quantity of food intake. If you are looking for ways to gain healthy weight, increase the frequency of your meals. Try and have 5 or 6 meals in a day. But, do not just hog on any kind of food. Your focus should be on healthy inclusions.
  • Never skip your breakfast. In fact, the breakfast as a meal should be the most nutritionally dense. You must include quality carbs and healthy proteins in your breakfast. An avocado sandwich with a glass of milk, or vegetable poha, or egg scramble sandwich are your best bet. You can also take a glass of milk along.
  • At times, you need to focus on the root cause for the reasons of not gaining weight. There are some underlying medical conditions that make weight gain difficult like anemia, hyperthyroidism, coeliac disease or a weakened immune system. Get yourself diagnosed appropriately.

2. What are the best sources of protein, if I am a vegetarian?

Protein is an essential macronutrient that is required for many important body functions including being a building block of tissues, essential muscle health and repair of any wear and tear. It is also a good source of energy that provides necessary fuel to the body. Non-vegetarian sources are labelled as best bet for proteins, but there are smart vegetarian choices also to fulfil your protein requirements-

  • Quinoa- One serving of cooked quinoa provides eight grams of protein. Not only this, it is also a source of complete protein which means it contains all the essential amino acids that are required to make protein in the body.
  • Rice and Pulses- Rice and pulses or legumes together make one of the best dietary sources of complete protein. A combination of 70-80% rice with 20-30% dal has all the 9 essential amino acids.
  • Soy- There is 10 grams of protein in half cup of soy or tofu made from it. One of the best vegetarian protein sources that works equally well for post workout recovery as well. Soy can be eaten in the form of curry or you can eat tofu as it is or eat it in the form of a salad by adding veggies.

3. Is gluten free diet advisable?

Gluten is a binding protein that is found in certain grains like wheat, semolina, barley and rye. An intolerance to gluten in the body causes inability to digest gluten in these grains. Gluten free diet is advisable to those only who suffer from an allergy or sensitivity towards it. There are certain disease conditions in which you need to avoid the consumption of gluten, these include- celiac disease, leaky gut syndrome, gluten sensitivity, and gluten allergy. There are antibody tests and intestine biopsy tests to diagnose if someone suffers from an allergy or sensitivity towards gluten. The symptoms one might experience because of gluten allergy are- bloating diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, and itchy rashes on the skin. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should consult a nutritionist or medical doctor before considering to eliminate gluten from your diet.


The questions followed in Weekly FAQ Series are all the compilation of our viewers/followers questions and lately customized to portray in the question and answers series accordingly. The presented content offer/provide the generic advice/information only. We do not suggest/recommend the listed answers to substitute with any qualified medical prescription and opinion. Request you to always consult a doctor or specialist in extreme cases and illness.



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It's so easy to put it on, but  so difficult to take it off! Weight management is something that we ALL need to worry about. Our latest article in idiva tells you why.
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Recipe Alert
Pinaca is a traditional Goan sweet dish. This dish is made by Goan rice, jaggery and plenty of

coconut. Pinaca are usually made into sweet balls and can be consumed all year long. This simple

sweet dish is easy to make yet high in nutrient value.

Nutritional value

Pinaca balls are high on nutrition as they contain jaggery, which is good source of iron, naturally

occurring B vitamins, minerals like phosphorus, zinc, calcium and copper. Coconut contains lauric

acid, which helps to increases good HDL cholesterol, also cytokinin’s present in coconut have showed anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic effects.


40 grams Goan rice flour

¼ fresh coconut

1 tablespoon Jaggery

1 tablespoon desiccated grated coconut

Pinch of cardamom powder

Nuts (optional)

Coconut water (optional)

Calories- 217 kcal

Carbs- 28.6 grams

Protein- 1.9 grams

Fats- 10.3 grams

Course- Dessert


First take the Goan rice and dry roast it on a tawa or pan.

Cool the rice and later powder them in a grinder

Now take jaggery, crush it and grind it along with coconut, also add pinch of cardamom

powder. Grind them on a round grinding stone if possible, otherwise just use a grinder.

Take this mixture out and keep adding flour, a little at a time and just mix it well with your

hands. Add coconut water if needed.

Mix well and form small balls out of this mixture.

Nuts can also be added to the mixture. (optional)

Over to you

Pinaca recipe is easy to make and come out with sweet results. So, make this nutritious recipe for

your near and dear ones.
Know more:
1) https://bit.ly/2MZfjJr

2) http://www.nmamilife.com/recipes/

3) Highlights section in BIOS under Recipes
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Trivia of the Day
If you know someone who is, then do share this post with them.
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Monsoon brings along rain of jubilation which soars one’s vehemence to cloud high, but this finite elation may have adverse effects to your precious locks. During rainfall hair’s chemical structure makes it unusually sensitive to airborne hydrogen, forming bonds, and swells until the smooth cuticle erupts to make them frizzy. Damp hair may lead to many other problems too. Another reason that worsens the problem is the presence of environmental pollutants in rainwater that intensifies the fungal infections on the scalp that weakens roots and causes hair fall. Even if you are not directly exposed to rainfall, still it is a task to dry hair after a shower due to the prevalent humidity.

So, here are some Indian/ Ayurvedic remedies to your rescue! Have a look.

Aloe vera juice
Aloe vera is an ingredient known to make your system clean. It is commonly used in Ayurveda for its innumerable health benefits. It’s high on alkaline properties- vital in balancing the PH levels of your hair which in return stimulates hair growth and strength.

Directions: Aloe vera can be both, consumed and applied so, you can have fresh and homemade aloe vera juice in the morning with lukewarm water. Also, its pulp can be directly applied to the scalp. Apply and leave it for 1-2 hours then rinse it with lukewarm water.

Methi seeds (Fenugreek)
Methi is a miracle herb for promoting hair growth that also adds life to your deadlocks. It’s rich in hormone antecedents which help in revitalizing damaged hair follicle thus, strengthens the hair and adds immunity to prevent damage and breakage of the hair.
Know more: 
1) https://bit.ly/2YKTIvq
2) https://www.nmamilife.com/lifestyle/
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Recipe Alert
Amla scientifically called Phyllanthus emblica or more commonly Indian gooseberry. It can be put to innumerable uses like in culinary, shampoos, hair oils and in ayurvedic medicines. This amla churna or powder can be put to many uses like it can be taken with water for wonderful results, make amla tea using this powder, add it to curries, or consume with lemon and honey.

Nutritional Values

Amla has high contents of ascorbic acid (vitamin-c) flavonoids, Ellagic acid and Gallic acid. It helps in reducing blood sugar level in the body. High in digestive fibre content. Prevents hair loss and greying of hair. Helps in curing sore throat and prevents constipation.


200 grams amla

Calories- 116 kcal
Carbs- 27.4 grams
Proteins- 1 gram
Fats- 0.2 gram


After through washing, cut and dry the amlas in direct sunlight for few days till they are completely dry.

After the juice is evaporated completely, transfer the dried amla in a grinder and blend it coarsely.

Sift the amla powder through a sieve to achieve smooth powder.

Voila! Your home made amla powder is ready.

Store this powder in an airtight container.

Use every day as needed.

Over to you

Amla powder lasts for up to 6 months, so your efforts in this recipe will last for long, providing you with storehouse of nutrients and taking care of your various problems.
Know more: 
1) https://bit.ly/2Ky8H3g
2) http://www.nmamilife.com/recipes/
3) Highlights section in BIOS under Recipes
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Myth of the Day
Sugar is the real culprit, so always check the labels thoroughly.
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All the left handed people, raise their hand!
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