The Lazy Guide to Be Healthy

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The Lazy Guide to Be Healthy

Is there a lazy way to success? Well, success may come from hard work, or smart work or by combining both. Being a sluggard may not really serve the path to success but here we bring to you some handy tips to keep your laziness intact and still be healthy. Laziness or indolence is just the feeling to stay idle and thus, running from taking any action. Laziness brings on sleep and that snooze button on the alarm may be your favourite. Though being lazy can also be due to the lack of energy, which again is linked by what you eat, physical activities, which you may not indulge in.

Your health should be of utmost priority in your life and it doesn’t equate to you being an early bird and spending strenuous hours working out. Also, you don’t have to be a chef, spending hours below the chimney to come up with a healthy meal. You can adopt a little lethargy and still achieve your optimal health by abiding these great tips that we offer to all those sloth humans out there.

  • Invest in a cookie sheet: If you are not much of a chef or don’t like to spend hours in your kitchen just go and buy a cookie sheet, its not just for baking cookies but will help you serve good and healthy food in no time. Bring on a pre-cut veggies bag from your grocer, especially a bag containing mix veggies like broccoli, carrot and cauliflower. Put these bite sized veggies on the sheet, sprinkle some olive oil and then some salt and black pepper and keep it in oven for 30 minutes. Voila! Your healthy dinner is good to go.
  • Order healthy foods to your doorstep: With plethora of choices available, might be difficult for you to choose from while you order. You may be lazy to cook food so just ordering food which is healthy and nutritious from outside will serve your purpose to keep hunger pangs at bay, along with added value to your health. Many health food stores and farms offer seasonal fresh produce so you can tie up with them and try different healthy foods at the comfort of your home.
  • Look for exercise: Along with eating healthy, physical movement is also a necessity, as one shouldn’t gorge on healthy food just by sticking to their sofa for ages. And you can be physically active just by following some tips than going for a workout.Try to include physical activities in your daily regime like just go for walk on your lunch, get down from a bus stop before and go for a walk or take stairs over escalators.
  • Savour your food: Being lazy works to your advantage when it comes to indulging in your meals. Eating slowly benefits the digestive system and the nutrients gets absorbed more properly which ultimately aids in shedding some pounds by preventing you from overeating.
  • Embrace your bed: Being lazy pays off when it comes to getting enough sleep. Research studies show that getting proper sleep is important and helps in reducing stress, boosts memory and helps you live longer. So, clock up a regular sleep for easy and lazy way to be healthy.
  • Stock up your fridge: Stock up your fridge with fruits and veggies and other food items which are easy to make. You can buy berries, cherries, peas, strawberries and store it for later use. From strawberries you can prepare porridge or a glass of smoothie. This will save both, your time and energy to go out and buy fruits and veggies every time you require.
  • Prepare, grab and go: If you are in a hurry or you are a sleepy head, just prepare, grab and go. You can pre-prepare and stock some oatmeal biscuits, dry fruits, jaggery and nut chikki so that you can keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Over to you

If you are lethargic and often this results in your health deterioration, we have got you all covered with these easy tips that your lazy self will admire. So, just abide by these calm tips to ensure your health without any agony or sweat.


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