The Fundamentals of Good Health

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The Fundamentals of Good Health

Republic Day is certainly one of the most significant events in the political history of our country and India will celebrate the 70th Republic Day this year on 26th January. This day is well-known for the commencement of a new Constitution of India. Indian Constitution includes rules, regulations, rights, and duties which all executives and citizens have to follow, to help in maintaining the nation’s civic health.

So, on this special day when the nation takes step towards making the country a better place, let us bring a positive change within ourselves and in society by creating fundamentals for good health.

  • F#1: Accessing current situation:
    The best way to lay out a health plan is by understanding your current situation and a complete body check is the only sure way to knowour current position in terms of health. Preventive health checkups can inform you about the functioning of internal systems and also guide us about any lifestyle change, medical or surgical procedures that may need.
  • F#2: Setting up a proper diet plan:
    A healthy diet plan helps in taking care of most of the lifestyle weaknesses. Researcher’s say that a diet with low saturated fat and sodium, and high in potassium, calcium, and magnesium can help us in curbing mortality rates by 27%. Focus on traditional meal pairings, a good balance of protein and carbs in a diet, healthy fats,and the vitamins and minerals.
  • F#3: Indulge in a physical activity:
    Lack of physical activity is one of the biggest threats to the healthy lifestyle. It leads to obesity, which intensifies to the variety of other illnesses. So, make sure to dedicate time for some physical activity on a daily basis as staying in shape also helps in maintaining a positive social image.
  • F#4: Teaching children about nutrition and making the right food choices:
    Children are the future of this nation and educating them about where the food they eat comes from, the difference between natural produce and junk food, how different foods get digested differently in the body and how we should nourish our bodies to gain maximum potential is really important.
  • F#5: Food should be healthy and affordable food for all:
    There is a huge gap in Indian society. At one end of the scale, there are families who are privileged, educated and can afford the best healthcare and on the other end, there are people who struggle to pay for treatment of even basic illness. We must try and work together to reduce this gap, along with battling obesity and undernutrition at the same time, we need an adequate food system capable of delivering healthy food at affordable prices to everyone.


Over to you:

Every Republic Day comes with the promise of a better tomorrow, with endless new possibilities. Let us take inspiration from this positive Republic Day mood and inculcate the above mentioned fundamentals of healthy activities and habits in our life which will help us to live a healthier and better life. Nmami Life wishes all of you a very Happy Republic Day.

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