Six Tips and Tricks To Grow Your Organic Garden

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Six Tips and Tricks To Grow Your Organic Garden

Organic gardening is the most unrefined way of enhancing the environmental conditions. Organic gardening impresses upon the cultivating and tending a garden naturally without any use of fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and insecticides. It also focuses on safeguarding the surroundings by protecting the soil, water-supply and the inhabitants. The underlying intent of the same is to constantly replenish and restore the natural resources without any degradation to the environs.

Therefore, conserve the excess and count on salubrious produce by adhering to some tips and tricks to promote organic gardening.

  • Access to sun: Sun helps replenish the energy and nutrients. For organic farming, prefer a location that gets the maximum sunlight. Access to proper sunlight is essential to promote healthy and rich agricultural processes and sustainability. Organic gardening practices growing produce without fertilizers and synthetic resources, it aids in eliminating water and soil contamination. So, look for a location which has an access to adequate sunlight for proper nourishment and conservation.
  • Irrigation: Irrigation supplies are quite eminent for organic farming. Proper watering helps the plants and crops soak and retain water. It nourishes the soil. Proper irrigation process ensures that the energy and water is conserved. It is ideal to water the plants in the morning instead of the night time as there is lesser risk of evaporation and the crops and plants are not deprived of essential nutrients. It also keeps away fungal diseases and powdery mildew. It maintains soil’s fertility while being mindful of the natural environmental balance.
  • Compost: It is extremely essential to enrich the soil with compost. It is the primary source to organic rich soil. The entire organic materials combine together to form compost and augment the soil texture and quality. It naturally nourishes your plants and crops without chemical fertilizers. The plant roots also penetrate more deeply and feasibly. The deeper the compost reaches, the quicker and easier the plants and crops grow. It also ensures proper utilization of all the resources and energy. Compost is a natural fertilizer and very eminent for proper cultivation and agricultural processes while ensuring sustainability. Add more compost to your soil for favorable conditions.
  • Soil: A healthy soil is very important to nutrify the plants and keep them healthy. Keep adding organic components to your soil. A fertile soil promotes high-yield produce and keeps the nutrients intact. It is eminent to fortify the PH levels of the soil around 5.5 to 7. Proper soil drainage is an indispensible part of organic gardening. Good and healthy soil enhances organic agriculture. Make sure to enrich your soil with compost heap so the soil is not deprived of the essential nutrients. Also the proper soil texture and type is crucial in determining the fate of the produce and the ancillary conditions. Clayey soil remains wet for quite a longer and is generally heavier. The sandy soils are detrimental as it can drain the water swiftly. Assemble a good and fertile soil structure.
  • Bonafide crop and seedling selection: Be mindful of the vegetables and fruits that you choose to grow in your organic garden. Go for such crops and plants that tend to produce all year long. Also ensure that the plants are free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Carefully plan the crop you wish to plant being conscious of the soil types and climatic conditions. Also try to diversify the crop species and follow specified agricultural practices.
  • Micro greens: Micro greens are easily available seeds anywhere online or at local nurseries. And if you are wondering, why to go for micro greens and then let us tell you that it can be easily grown indoors and in less days. You can use micro greens in your cooking as a topping to salad or within salad for additional nutritional values and health benefits.

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Organic farming regenerates the soil, improves and promotes optimum soil condition and line up to process the crops that are highly nourishing. Therefore, practice organic farming for the healthiest produce and keeping the ecological balance in check.


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