Six Small Steps That Lead To Healthier You

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Six Small Steps That Lead To Healthier You

It’s an age-old saying that ‘health is wealth’, but when we go with the establishment of this rule, there are endless factors that are honestly pretty hard to keep up with! Don’t eat this, don’t drink that, do more of this, do less of that- we all have heard this never-ending list a millions of times in our lives. But what our mind always skips is how we eat and how much we must eat.

We are here with the answers to what we should actually take to heart when it comes to living a long and healthy life. These healthy living rules are nothing fancy but following them will assist us to feel just as great as we feel after listening to the word ‘good health’! Come let’s go back to the basics of the healthy world.

  • Yes, Mostly the Plants: Trendy diets or picking up healthy books on what to eat might be appealing, but the reality? Eating mostly plants is the best thing we can do for our body. Obviously, it’s not a perfect answer by any means, but trust us including plants are the holy grail of health. We get abundance of healthful nutrients which include dietary fibre, healthy fat, carbohydrates, high water content (in few fruits and vegetables), vitamins and minerals.
  • Let’s Make Carbs Our Friend: Carbs tend to get a bad rep for no reason. Sure, there are a handful of options that are unhealthy for our body but there are wholesome foods as well that offers complex carbs (good carbs)- essential to the body as it help slowly releases glucose in blood streams and makes us fuller. All we have to do is eat wisely. Avoid the white flour food items and fill up on whole-wheat pasta, bread, and legumes.
  • Take Care of the Portion Size: For most of us who don’t know, eating food regularly doesn’t make us unhealthy but an abnormal amount does, here’s a note- “It’s our portion size which makes eating unhealthy”. Out-of-control hunger often results in helpless over-eating and that majorly happen when we skip our meals, especially breakfast. Healthy snacking between meals is a good way to control hunger but it shouldn’t replace proper meals. We must choose yogurt, a handful of fresh or vegetables like carrot sticks, and unsalted nuts in order to make our snacks healthy.

How can we take care of the portion size?

*Cooking the right amount.
*Using smaller plates.
* By sharing a portion with a friend.

  • Water, Our Best Friend: We all know that almost half of us are always dehydrated. Shortage of water in the body makes us all tired and low on energy levels. Make sure that we fill up our water bottles all day long to keep ourselves replenished and we will feel better than ever immediately; that’s the magic of water. Infused water and tender coconut water is another options to stay healthfully hydrated.
  • Everything’s done? Look Back, Vitamins and Minerals are Still Left: Stop making scenarios that vitamins and minerals are only for kids. Requirement of grown up might not be as sweet as the childhood version but it’s exactly crucial the way it’s for growing age. Even if we think we eat (follow) a fairly healthy diet, we can take a little help to nourish our bodies. So, load up with foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as apples, oranges, strawberries, banana, avocadoes, tomatoes, carrots.
  • Keep Walking: It seems simple enough, right? No matter what our weight is, physical activity is important for us all. Not only it improves our blood circulatory system but it also assists us to keep focussed and improves overall health. Obviously, we all are an athlete in the race of life, but it doesn’t require any athletic feature to get on the move. We will thank our younger self for not taking the escalators when we have a healthy body in the 70s.

We all can:

* Go for a walk in our lunch breaks.
* Make time for a family weekend activity.
* Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Over to you

We are all busy everyday but how we deal with it in order to maintain a healthy life is all that matters. By inculcating these tips in our life, we can manage a healthy life with a pinch of happiness. After all, nothing feels as good as healthy feels. Comment below your favourite tip and let us know how you maintain your health, in such a chaotic life.


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