Rethink mental health

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Rethink mental health

While many of us are cautious to pays attention to physical health but ignores mental health at the same time.

It is important to understand that emotional and mental health makes a vital part of life and also impacts the thoughts and behaviours.

Being happy promotes productivity and effectiveness in your daily life. Mental health involves emotional, psychological and social well-being which is important at every stage of life and affects the way we think, feel and act.

It cannot be denied that the significance of such issues is veiled under the large section of the society who discriminates and are hesitant to discuss the topic. The fear of this stigma is the reason that people are reluctant towards seeking any professional help.

In some cases, it is not even diagnosed and the main reason is ignorance which can lead to further severe mental disorders.

It is strongly recommended to advocate various reasons for mental health and working towards the grass root levels. The main accomplishment will be the widespread awareness about the mental illness, to be able to overcome the reluctance associated with it and also encouraging people for some professional guidance.

There are several factors that collectively contribute to mental health problems. Here are some!

Loneliness: It is the subjective and objective state of being alone or socially isolated, which is not always chosen. It is completely true that social connections play a significant role in one’s life and helps psychologically and physiologically. Loneliness can also further leads to the consequences and problems related to attention and cognitive function. If such a feeling lasts for a long time then it can have a negative impact on mental health and well-being.

Lack of compassion: It can have negative effects on mental illness and can also worsen the overall health. It is important to perceive the feelings of others and put one in the same situation and being sensitive towards it. It is the possibility to respond with understanding, patience and kindness which improves personal and social relationships. Any form of compassionate actions activates pleasure, leading to self-reported happiness.

Insomnia: Worry and anxiety can make it hard for the brain to relax, even at night. The sleeping pattern can significantly affect the mental and physical health and the relation between both is bidirectional that can affect the other and vice versa. Trouble sleeping might result with insomnia and as a result, it can develop a problem with constant anxiety. This, in turn, can make sleep problems worse. It clearly shows that it is all interrelated.

Lack of a healthy lifestyle: It is also seen that food choices affect mood and mental health. A well-balanced diet is considered as the most potential means for the improved mental health and decreased risk of any disorders. A part of the daily healthy diet has some association between certain nutrients in food and emotional well-being.

Anxiety disorder: People with anxiety disorders frequently have intense nervousness, worry and fear and such feelings interfere with everyday life. These can have short and long term effects on both the mind and the body. Chronic anxiety can also increase the risk of depression, panic attacks, headache and irritability. One can cope with it through the right support and advice of a psychiatrist.

Depression: A complex mental health condition that causes a person to have low mood due to depressive symptoms such as mood swings, slowness in activity or behavioural changes can also have a significant effect on the mental well-being. These can be temporary as well as permanent. Proper medication and professional advice are recommended so that the illness does not extend any further.

Over to you

Sometimes changing the monotonous routine also helps boost the emotional and mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health and one of the great ways to overcome is by acknowledging the importance and talking about it. It is always recommended to seek medical and professional help in such situations.

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