No Junk Food

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No Junk Food

Most of our favorite products are made with the high amount of added sugar, salt and fat to keep us wanting more. But you should eat more of healthy food and cut down on these junks. Yes! You heard it right ‘no junk food’. As much as one likes to eat junk, it is that harmful for you. This 15-day challenge is going to be tough as straying away from something you love can be really tough. But you need to have a lot of self-control to do this.

Junk food is a major cause of a lot of major issues like obesity, diabetes, depression, sodium and heart disease.

You have to make sure that in this challenge you don’t cheat to your own self. There are ways to help you say no to food junk. Don’t let yourself get too hungry, because once you get too hungry your brain cells ask for a reward and you reward with the best. Avoid soda, sports drinks, and sweetened teas, all of this will even help you lose weight- don’t drink on unnecessary calories. Take care of your stress and sleep as well.

Now make sure that the food on your table is full of fruits and vegetables- will always benefit your skin. It only takes a few weeks to develop a habit, so this 15-day challenge is going to throw you a great opportunity to start eating healthy and lose weight side by side.

You could cut down on your junk food by taking baby steps. For example, if you take 2 sugar cubes in your tea, cut it down to one and then further. Mindful eating helps boost your parasympathetic dominance, a chemical reaction that slows down your heart rate and breathing. But eating mindfully also helps increase your levels of the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter GABA, which stabilizes your appetite and improves digestion.

What role do you play?

Take it easy! Don’t worry. We will help you with this 15-day challenge. All you have to do is have the willpower to do it and the will to help yourselves. Start cutting down your junks bit by bit. Make sure not to go with war with the food, by satisfying yourself by taking a bite too.
Don’t give up. Keep going.

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