New Year Health Countdown Day 1 for a Healthy You

By      30-Dec 2019       Reading Time: 2 Mins

New Year Health Countdown Day 1 for a Healthy You

New Year resolutions might not seem to be as easy to follow the whole year as they might sound. The key is to not overestimate or underestimate yourself but rather to set goals that are real and can be achieved. All goals might be idealistic but may not be attainable. Here is one perfect formula for all: 

‘A rainbow plate should be your best mate.’

Include everything in your diet, nuts, fruits, fats and veggies but keeping in mind not to exceed the limit. 

‘Avoid this fault- consume low salt.’

Low salt diet is the best advice you could follow to stay away from cardiovascular diseases like hypertension.

‘Limiting certain oils and fats, keeps away diseases to combat’

Fried foods should be limited and oil and fat consumption should be restricted to one to two teaspoons per day per individual.

‘Remember to put a brake on sugar intake’  

Whatever be your age, refined sugar can be an addiction. Controlling the amount of sugar to be consumed is crucial. 

‘No sedentary life, make sure to walk and exercise

An active lifestyle is all you need for a lifetime. Walking in your street after dinner or taking your pet for a walk could be some of the ways to start with.

Don’t take restrictions to your heart, keep your cheat day in check and consume the right food and learn to balance the extra calories. 


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