Five Hacks to Fall in Love with Yourself

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Five Hacks to Fall in Love with Yourself

Count on everything you have and be proud of it! In a world where people have so much of different notions about love, we make a call on loving yourself. Accepting yourself as you are and embracing your strengths and weaknesses is the key. Weaknesses are also vital to know where you stand and work for your betterment.

Accomplishments come your way when you work for them and trust us, there’s no feeling better than that! The finest way to love your own self is by leading a healthy and fit life. Choose what’s good for you and your health. Ditch those oily greasy foods for the love of your body.

Some of the ways you can lead a better and healthy lifestyle are listed below.

  • Slow carb instead of no carb
    Carbs amount for 45-65% of the energy and you obviously need energy to carry out various activities of your daily life. Giving up on carbs will make you feel weaker, full of lethargy and irritability. Including slow-carb foods also known as complex carbs will provide you with sufficient amount of energy without hampering your dietary habits. Foods in their natural form like whole grains, legumes, fruits and oats should be included to get your carbs fix.
  • Food for your gut
    It gets totally uneasy and uncomfortable when your stomach is not well nourished. Eating foods which are light and easily digestible must be appreciated and consumed regularly. High fiber foods must be included as they promote better gut health and helps aid digestion. Foods like lima beans, yogurt and ginger should be included in the diet to help in easing digestion. You can also incorporate fennel seeds water or ajwain water to boost your gut health. Eating papaya on a regular basis acts as natural laxatives and eases digestion.
  • Be physically active
    Try to incorporate some sort of physical activity in your daily routine. It should be for at least thirty to forty five minutes, six times in a week. If you are already physically active, proteins must be the most focused part in your diet along with a balance of carbs and healthy fats. Good sources of proteins include fish, egg, legumes and tofu which help in repairing muscles and tissues.Eat bananas as your pre-workout food to get proper fix of carbs to get energy for the workout. They help in providing better endurance for the workout.
  • Sleep well
    Taking a power nap is necessary for your body to function properly but if doing that is difficult for you, include antioxidant-rich foods that promote sleep. Go for a glass of turmeric milk or a cup of chamomile tea to give your head a sleepy fix. A proper sleep of 7-8 hours must be taken so as to achieve an active metabolism and required energy throughout the day.
  • Super spices to boost your health
    Spices are the soul of Indian food and are enriched with great nutrients that benefit your health and contribute to a better way of living. These power spices include turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, garlic and basil which contain amazing antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids that help in easing inflammation and boosting your immunity to a great extent. These spices can also treat other health problems like depression and nausea.


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So, love yourself the way you are and work for a better and healthy you by including these foods in your regular diet. Remember that you don’t need anyone to complete you and that you can do everything on your own.


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