Current Practices in Corporate Wellness

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Current Practices in Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is a genuine movement and over the past 10 years, the segment has grown by 30 per cent. Nowadays, companies are setting different practices for their employees so that they can work stress-free and can give their best. Companies are competing with one another to offer the most effective and comprehensive wellness programs for their workplace.

In the modern workplace, corporate wellness programs are gaining much momentum for the sole reason of improving employee performance.

From healthy snacks to fitness classes to adding scooters and mini trampolines, there is everything in an organisation for the employees.

But a lot of physical exercises and fitness programs always top the game of physical fitness and mental well-being. Adding certain activities in the lifestyle of the employees can do wonders for the overall perfect wellness.

Employee engagement is extremely important for an organisation and to get that perfect mental well-being there are a lot of exercises being focussed by almost every organisation. While the list of activities is different for the different company we have sorted some best practices that will definitely be suitable for everyone and engage employees to improve health, wellness, performance, social connections, culture and their well-being.

Meditation breaks: Stress management is an essential part of the workplace. And to maintain it via different physical activities is the first and foremost step of a wellness program. Meditation breaks for at least ten minutes in between the work can do wonder to your mind and helps in de-stressing your mind in no time. You can do normal meditations in the garden of your office and also ask people around you to join in. Just ten minutes 2 times in a day can help an employee to refocus their energies for better and effective productivity.

Chair exercises: There are times when an employee is extremely busy with the work and have no time to even stand and eat. For times like this, there are various exercises like stretching, clasping hands, upper back stretch, torso twist and many more that will help in improving concentration, making you alert, and relieving tensions. Sitting for a long period of time weakens the stomach and back muscles and reduces the concentration as well. Adding these exercises in the daily lifestyle in between the work schedule will make you more active and alert.

Health check-ups: Regular health check-ups at the proper interval of time is extremely important for the wellbeing of the employees. Health check-ups are quite motivating for the employees because they thought that the organisation is concerned about their health and fitness. Health check-ups at the proper frame of time can easily open the inner health of an employee and can tell how to motivate him/her to bring productivity.

Nutrition seminar: Nutrition seminars are one of the great ways to inspire employees about taking care of their health with proper nutrition. Nutrition seminars not only tell the nutritional needs and foods to incorporate in the diet to get the boost in the well-being but it will also tell how prevention can be done from various diseases which directly helps in the condition of the employees and make him more productive and effective. You can also incorporate expert talks that will help in de-stressing and motivating the employees in the area of health and mind peace.

Employee surveys: Whatever step you take for the employee wellness program but without feedback, everything is vague. Feedback is a key element to take the proper health and well-being to success. It is quite important to know what is exactly working and what needs to be reformed. Monthly surveys or suggestion boxes from the employees help make your policies change and make your workforce more healthy and prosperous.

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