Corporate Wellness is the Need of the Hour for Urban Millennials

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Corporate Wellness is the Need of the Hour for Urban Millennials

If you have ever wondered what is corporate wellness than let us intervene and tell you that it isn’t any new concept! The concept was started years back-dated and was seen as a great and groundbreaking evolution. If we go in the lane of its fabrication, corporate wellness is basically offering the employees a series of benefits to improve their productivity and engagement during working hours while relying on their health. This can include on-site access to behavior modification tools as well as education regarding topics like stress management and nutrition.

Since the concept was introduced, many companies around the world are taking active participation in managing and maintaining their employees’ health and fitness in some way or another. By introducing in house wellness programs and stress-busting sessions, every second company is engaging in health care reforms rather than just investing a fortune in health policies.

Various countries like in Japan, almost every second organisation have a prescribed exercise period (usually before work) for their employees and they have noticed a lot of changes in the health care patterns of its employees and afterwards to the revenue of the organisation. A healthy workforce is as important for a company as icing on the cake and implementing various fitness and wellness programs in the corporate space will definitely leads to a lot of benefits. It not only makes the workforce healthy but also makes the environment-friendly and happy.

Let’s Peep in its Importance

Corporate wellness is of extreme importance for an organisation because it directly improves the overall goodwill of an organisation. See it as, when employees are stress-free and healthy from within and happy outside, there are chances of lesser absenteeism as well as it takes less investment in their health insurance. Moreover, corporate fitness and wellness programs can enhance employee morale, increase productivity in their work, and maximize the overall performance.

Corporate Fitness and wellness programs are different for a different company. Some companies are happy to give gym facilities, while others provide free time with games and personal space. Many companies organize boot camps in their offices and invite other wellness companies to demonstrate plays and fun activities to de-stress employees.

A company’s fitness and wellness program are to be integrated and multidimensional. Employee’s physical health should not be the sole motive of the programs organised by the companies but it should also be focussing on mental, emotional, and spiritual health. While thinking of the same, take all the aspects in mind that help in gearing up the employees with the brownie point of creating a happy and friendly environment that enthuses people to be healthy, happy, and productive.

Let’s Take You Towards The Objectives

The basic objective of corporate wellness is to support employees in managing their stress better. Fitness solutions should be tailored in a way so that it helps every single individual to grow and unclutter their work without nuisances. Hiring an in-house wellness coach that assists employees in setting their personal goals and objectives, be in touch whenever they need, share everything without even second thoughts, observe their accomplishments, and guide them on healthy living can be a good way that leads towards a path of overall wellness.

Here are some pointers that not only helps in combating the stress but also motivate the employees to get involved:

  1. But first, consider the stats (the top five things that affect employees at the topmost
    are constant fatigue (29%); sleeplessness (26%); aches and pains (24%); high anxiety
    (23%) and weight gain (18%). So, the solution for five problems, one solution is to
    arrange some fun activities or games into the workspace that helps in fostering the
    overall performance.
  2.  Go with the wellness retreats (a week-long getaway will do rejuvenation).
  3. Wellness activities once a week (wellness cooking class, a short run around the office, wellness fairs in the office, creative writing, team building adventures, volunteering to help)
  4.  Wellness lunches and nutrition learning followed by a healthy lunch and snacks.
  5. Rewards schemes for the employees. (Vacation leaves credits, flexible work time options, and an employee of the month gifts, fitness clubs, and gift certificates).


Every employee wants to be nurtured. Be it globally Stand Company, a boutique agency or a start-up, the role of corporate wellness is always a prerequisite to enhance the flexibility and productivity of employees. It is well said that the health of a company is only be measured by the health of its employees. Healthy employees lead to healthy companies.
A great unifying factor across all the industries is stress. True? Then why not de-stressing? Follow the points written above and it will definitely help in combating the stress while bringing the growth and shine to the employees as well as to the company.

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