Ayurveda- a way to achieve immortal beauty

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Ayurveda- a way to achieve immortal beauty

Almost all of us have seen our grandmas and wondered how they still manage to look stunning and beautiful all the time. Even at this age, they have clear and gorgeous skin that has no comparison. If you too have wondered how these ladies still look stunning and radiant then we have an appropriate answer for you. We will give you tips on those little beauty ingredients that your grannies used. So, forget about those fancy and costly treatments and swear by these Ayurvedic ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.

No, Ayurvedic treatments are not only limited to the classic curd, turmeric, and neem but there are also thousands of other ancient natural ingredients that can do wonders to your skin. It’s the perfect time to tell you the tips and tricks that your grandmas forgot to tell you.

So, let’s dive deep into these natural ingredients and avoid the trend of fancy harsh chemicals on your skin because Ayurvedic and organic is the way to go.

Make Rakta Chandan your better half: This Rakta Chandan is one of the greatest ways to make your skin look radiant and glowing. No, this is not regular sandalwood; this sandalwood powder is extremely different and unique. It’s red in colour and can easily give you parlour like glow at home that you have always been wanted. Use it with rose water and it can make your acne disappear in no time. By consistently using it you can easily say bye-bye to your blemishes and dull complexion.

Mark Amba Haldi your skin soul mate: This is one of the greatest Ayurvedic herbs which is also famous by the name of mango ginger. Adding it in your lifestyle will not only give benefits to your skin but also give numerous advantages to your health as well. It can treat acne and fade out face scars in a very less time frame. All you have to do is make a paste of it with honey and use it twice a week for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water.

Say a warm welcome to Kumkumadi Oil: This Ayurvedic oil has numerous skin benefits. It has various ingredients like saffron, turmeric, sandalwood, lotus pollen and vetiver which are quintessential to make your skin look happy and healthy. This oil can treat all of your skin problems like dark circles, dark spots and acne. All you have to do is apply and massage this oil at night and wash it with warm water in the morning. It will definitely help you heal a big part of your dull skin.

Make a space for Shailajit in your beauty cabinet: Shailajit is well known in Ayurveda and has the most potent medicinal properties that can do wonders on your skin and on your health too. It is filled with anti-aging properties and can reduce the scars and blemishes in a very less period of time. It can repair your skin by providing proper nourishment and glow. After all these advantages, is there any reason left to not give it a shot?

Stock up your kitchen with Bhumi Amla: It is a different version of amla and has great medicinal properties. It is extremely beneficial for the skin as it not only cleanses your body but also purifies your blood which naturally makes your skin glowing and radiant.

So, these golden advantages of Ayurvedic ingredients will definitely make your skin bright and shiny without costing a fortune. Just swear by these pointers and you will soon notice the magic!

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