9 out of 10 Indians are Deficient in Protein- Immediate Action is a Pre-Requisite!

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9 out of 10 Indians are Deficient in Protein- Immediate Action is a Pre-Requisite!

A recent survey stated that a typical Indian meal is extremely deficient in protein. Having said that, protein is one of the important pillars that leads to great physical health while keeping cognitive disabilities at a lower risk, the latest survey has turned everyone into a significant shock.

1.317 kilograms per capita per day is the consumption of foods in India and if we sum up the calories of this food, it comes up to about 2458 calories. Whereas, approximately 70-80 percent of these calories or more of the diet is carbohydrates as people in India mostly prefer to eat starchy foods which is rich in carbohydrates.

71% of Indians have poor muscle health and 84% of Indian vegetarians and 65% of Indian non- vegetarians are deficient in protein. People in India are remaining dis-attached from the actual sources of protein such as dairy products, animal foods, and pulses which might be a reason for the deficiency of protein in their diet.

The survey said, “a quick check on the sample population showed the protein intake of 88 percent people was less than the ideal amount of consumption, indicating there is a huge gap in the protein requirements and protein consumption for each individual,”.

The Indian Market Research Bureau’s 2017 report states that in India the deficiency of protein stands at more than 80 percent. People in India usually rely on sources of proteins like one cup of lentils, 1 glass of milk, or 1 cup (200 grams) of plain yogurt which contains 7-8 grams of protein. Whereas, to meet the daily requirement of 60 grams protein every day, it is necessary to eat 8 bowls of lentils or drink 7-8 glasses of milk. A mixed diet can easily meet the requirement of everyday protein but in India people are not much into a healthy diet and focus mainly on carbohydrate-rich foods which are not good for health.

So, keeping the above information in mind, we have formulated some of the crucial points to meet the daily demand of protein in a body. It is no wrong to say that we are what we eat and eating healthy foods with an adequate amount of proteins with a combination of other nutrients is a significant step that takes a human body in the pursuit of healthiness.

How to fix protein deficiency

  • Include eggs in the diet
  • Take your meals with the garnishing of chopped almonds or walnuts
  • Eat plain yogurt as much as you can
  • Consume a lot of chickpea salad or black gram salad
  • Group in beans and legumes like (soy/tofu/edamame, black beans, lentils, peas) along with
  • leafy greens together.
  • Snack on with homemade protein bars using nuts.

As we all know that proteins are the major building blocks for the body- be it growth or development, protein is an everyday essential for all of us! So, by making a conscious effort on choosing the food sources wisely is a great step towards healthy eating and adding protein in daily diet.

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