Wheatgrass- The Good Green Dash of Health

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Wheatgrass- The Good Green Dash of Health

From juice bars to health food stores this new ingredient wheatgrass is popping up in the market and is gaining a lot of momentum due to it’s plenty of health benefits. It is no wrong to say that this latest ingredient in the limelight is naturally healthy and can take you away from various problems while ensuring you the thousands of endless benefits.

The preparation of wheatgrass can be done at home by the freshly sprouted leaves of the common wheat plant, Triticum aestivum. You can plant it in a big tray at your home by purchasing its juice, powder or supplement.

Some claim wheatgrass is rich in various vitamins and minerals and can do wonders on your overall body. From detoxifying the liver to boosting the immunity system wheatgrass can do everything. Some people call this little champ as the blood enhancer as it contains high proteins, vitamins, minerals and a lot of enzymes.

A 2018 study said that wheatgrass help in:

  • Preventing diseases
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Boost the metabolism and energy

You can consume wheatgrass in various ways like fresh or frozen juice, powder, chewing.

So, let’s take a closer look at what are the benefits of consuming wheatgrass on a regular basis.

Fighting infections: Various researches suggested that consuming wheatgrass can make your immunity system strong and can slow down the progression of various tiny and significant infections. Regular consumption of wheatgrass can easily treat antibiotic-resistant infections. It can also assist people who are allergic to antibiotics as well. Wheatgrass is packed with antimicrobial properties that help in fighting with various types of streptococcal (strep) infections, some forms of Lactobacillus bacteria and dental infections.

Treating gastrointestinal distress: Wheatgrass has long been used to reduce the various types of stomach pain and treating several gastrointestinal problems including diarrhoea or digestive problems. Wheatgrass is packed with a lot of fibre content which helps in keeping the gut happy and healthy. Various studies have suggested that consuming wheatgrass helps in giving a soothing effect to various inflammations in the body especially in the large intestine. Consuming 100 millilitres of wheatgrass juice daily can give less disease and reduced rectal bleeding as well.

Obesity: Obesity is becoming a major problem these days and it can further lead you towards many complicated health problems like diabetes. But this little leaf of wheatgrass can save you from obesity and lower down the risk of various other diseases as well. Consuming a glass of wheatgrass juice on a regular basis can take you away from the lane of several chronic diseases while making you much slimmer and gorgeous. So, add this healthy ingredient in your kitchen and swear by its consumption regularly.

Preventing and treating type 2 diabetes: Earlier, people have used wheatgrass as a medicine to treat type 2 diabetes. Various studies have said that wheatgrass has great properties that can raise insulin levels and lower blood glucose in a very short span of time. Not only can this, but regular consumption of wheatgrass also stand by preventing the roots of diabetes.


  • 8-gram of organic wheatgrass powder provides:
  • 1 gram of protein
  • 6 grams of carbohydrates
  • 4 grams of fibre
  • 24 milligrams of protein
  • 1 milligram of Iron
  • 86 micrograms of Vitamin K


So, after knowing so many benefits of wheatgrass do you have any reason to not to add it in your diet? Add the juice of wheatgrass in your diet to get the maximum benefits and enjoy the extra nutrients with major health benefits.

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