To Drink or Not to Drink

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To Drink or Not to Drink

Occasions always come with a hectic schedule! Here we are talking about occasions like Diwali as it holds a special place among all the occasions, festivals or events and at this time, many of us have a common confusion in making the distinction between what to drink and what not to drink while keeping all the health concerns in mind. Now, hard and soft drinks come into picture and amplify the dilemma. Are you facing the same hitch and confused about how to bring in beverages as starter drinks? If yes, then don’t worry! Our confusion will now come to an end with a healthy outline. First we will talk about affects caused due to over-consumption of these beverages.

Soft drinks are associated with high calorie content with sugar or artificial sweetened soft-drinks. Side effects of soft drinks has now increased in India from past few years with increased cardiovascular conditions. If you have young children, the easy solution is to limit access to—or if possible eliminate—soft drinks, which are normally devoid of calcium and other nutrients. It may also lead to weight gain due to high sugar content. Harmful effects of soft drinks on human body are seen a long-run when consumed mindlessly.

Hard drinks are linked to many health benefits when consumed in limited amounts but if consumed in excess it leads to alcoholic liver diseases, risk of dementia, depression, risk of obesity and over-weight, heart health, pre-mature aging and diabetes.

Ideas of what to drink

It is hard to accept, but alcohol may help you to live longer. Studies suggested that light and moderate consumption of alcohol may reduce the risk of premature death. Moderate alcohol consumption means one drink for healthy adult women and men aged more than 65. For adult men it could be doubled. But obviously try to reduce the amounts as much as possible by adopting some refreshing ideas.

Here are some alcoholic/ non alcoholic bar drink recipes idea that can help you prepare Diwali menu!

  • Cocktails: Alcohols can be replaced with cocktails (these are low liquored drinks) like Rhubarb gin, which is composed of sap of rhubarb, few amount of gin and sugar. Another cocktail for fun is blueberry mojito which is contented with white rum, sugar and blueberries.
  • Mock-tails: Soft-drinks can be replaced with mock-tails like Tahitian coffee. Tahitian coffee is composed of guava puree, lime juice, orange juice and cold brew concentrate. Another delicious mock-tail is purple punch which is made up of blueberries, lemon wheels and mint leaves.
  • Slush: Slush is also a good replacement for alcohols. Strawberry lime slush and coca cola slushie are best to opt for. These are refreshing and easy to make drinks and can be served on various occasions like Diwali.
  • Sangria: Sangria is an alcoholic red wine drink with chopped fruits, brandy, orange juice and artificial sweeteners that is originated from Spain.

Dilute the prescribed amount of alcohols with water. It will satiate your drinking pattern with reduced rate of risks associated with high consumption.

Over to you

Try to indulge with these healthy measures by not compromising with your drinking habits and stay fit. Share the ideas with your friends too to enjoy the life to full. Hope you like few healthy non alcoholic drinks mentioned in the blog. If anything in particular you wish you share about this blog then comment down in the comment section.

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