The Rising Trend of Meal Boxes

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The Rising Trend of Meal Boxes

Bored of eating leftover food every second or too lazy to go grocery shopping? Deciding what to make for dinner shouldn’t be a struggle now. This new trend may not satisfy your hunger for maa-ke-hath-ka-khana but can surely deliver a comprehensive meal box to provide satiety to your growling hangry (hungry + angry) stomach so that you don’t go to bed hungry. Meal box is a growing trend among busy millennials who are looking for the perfect blend of healthy food options and convenient cooking methods for their respective diets.

Story behind Meal box Start-ups
With more men and women working outside, people getting more tied up with their work and people trying to make their meal diverse led to the emergence of these startups.

Collecting ingredients, planning, adjusting for dietary restrictions and preferences, shopping, prepping and cooking can be made hassle-free and voila there are numerous emerging meal box start-ups lending their hands to keep you in shape.

These days, access to fresh, healthy and affordable meals is striking such a chord with people that these delivery services are flourishing and we can’t be more thankful to them. These meal boxes are ready to eat, and the menu changes each week so that it doesn’t become monotonous for you.

For whom is it more useful?

  1.  If you’re returning home tired from office, planning what to make for dinner each night can be a gruelling task.
    When one person is a vegetarian and the other isn’t, or a child has a specific allergy or
    food intolerance, it can be a challenge and a chore to find an acceptable recipe, which
    can lead to having takeout because of frustration.
  2. Whether you’re vegetarian, or you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or
    just enjoy experimenting with cuisines from around the world, there’s sure to be
    a meal box delivery service out there for you.
    These meal boxes include a variety of vegan meals, vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free
    options and so can be customised according to your requirements. No added sugar, or
    preservatives of any is found in these meals.
  3.  There’s an “athlete” version of each dish, which packs added carbs without overdoing it and even give high-protein diet for athletes.
    To make ordering easier, some companies offer a range of packages you can sign up for or trial packs.

    The time has gone where you blame your partner or roommate to be busier than you for not able to cook is gone and you may not always be in a mood to cook after returning exhausted from your work or not in a condition to dial the nearest takeaway’s number, these meal boxes come handy and somewhere between a takeaway and grocery delivery, meal boxes has taken the vacuum space between these and are in demand, running successfully.

    These meal box start-ups are doing well and we feel that it is much needed, for the times when work doesn’t allow you to cook from scratch.

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