Meet the Beet

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Meet the Beet

The nutrient essential beet has more to serve than just its size! Whether you count of blood building property or increased circulation of blood or even the fulfillment of key nutrients entailed by your body, beet covers it all. Unique array of antioxidants present in beetroots called betacyanins- pigments that allow beets to develop the intense red colour and loads it with an assortment of medicinal benefits. Beets can help you manage high blood pressure by their action of dilating blood vessels. Beets can also enhance athletic performance owing to their nitrate content.

Here are few tips to weave in beets to your daily intake!

  1. Add it to your salad bowl.
  2.  Blend it in smoothie.
  3.  Chop it in raita.
  4. Cook it in form of vegetable.
  5. Beetroot leaves are edible too and can be added to your stir-fry veggies

Put in some colour your health goals by adding beets in form of baked beet sticks with plain yogurt dip garnished with dried thyme leaves, beetroot cutlets, beet fudge, oven-baked beetroot chips, baked beet fritters, beetroot salad, beetroot dip, beet and berry smoothie and beet and chia pudding. Accompanying beetroot with additional veggies, tangerine fruits, herbs and spices like oregano, cinnamon, basil and rosemary that will not only sass up the flavours but will also maximize its nutritional values. Nonetheless, grilling, sautéing, baking and stewing are few cooking techniques that will keep the nutrients intact and blends in the flavours entirely.

Beetroot Dip

Gorge on this vibrant beetroot dip with a perfect crunchy combination of roasted sesame seeds!


  1. 2 small peeled and chopped beetroot
  2.  ½ cup plain yogurt
  3.  1 tablespoon lime juice
  4. ½ teaspoon grounded coriander
  5.  Pinch of salt (to season)
  6.  Pinch of freshly grounded black pepper (to season)
  7.  1 teaspoon roasted black sesame seeds (for garnishing)
  8. 1 teaspoon roasted while sesame seeds (for garnishing)


  1.  Put all the ingredients together in a blender, except for roasted sesame seeds.
  2. Coarsely blend it all until turns into a smooth textured consistency.
  3. Garnish with black and white roasted sesame seeds.
  4.  Pour it in a bowl and voila, readily to serve!

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