Flavours of the world: Mexican Cuisine

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Flavours of the world: Mexican Cuisine

With the combination of a rich and diverse mix of flavour, colour and texture, Mexican cuisine has been formed. Its presentation is as fascinating as its taste. With a diverse history, the evolution of Mexican cuisine began with the native Mayan Indian tribes and was highly influenced by Spain, France and America. With time major influences have been noticed in this cuisine and authentic Mexican food has become one of the best global cuisines in the world.

The history and its flavours

The history of Mexican cuisine was established about 9000 years ago. The evolution of Mexican food was started when an agricultural community named Maya was formed. People of Maya i.e. Mayan Indians were basically nomadic hunters and gatherers.Mexican cuisine in the pre-Columbian era was highly influenced by Europe. Before the highly influence by Europe, locally grown agricultural products like corn, chillies and beans were the basic and simple diet of Mexicans. With the invasion of Spanish and French, various differences were also noticed in the cooking methods, ingredients used and preparation of food.

Mexicans have introduced baked foods and various other chillies and herbs. With time, the traditional Mexican flavour and taste have changed and noticed a great shift in its overall creativity.

When we think about Mexican dishes what instantly pops up to the mind? For some it may be tacos or salsa whereas for some it may be, anything prepared from corn. But this cuisine is way too much that this! Mexican dishes now can be described by terms like feisty, vibrant and mysterious. A diverse ethnic varieties and a vibrant history shapes the unique culinary culture of Mexican.

Mexican cuisine is renowned for its several flavours and spices. It is well said that no one celebrates their chillies as Mexico does. Every flavour of their chillies gives different taste and flavour.

Some of the most commonly used chillies are Serrano, Ancho, and Jalapeno. Mexican food is specifically known for its herbs and spices- it is no wrong to say that the herbs and spices they use are the real stars of their dishes. You can taste Mexican food culture around the world but it is almost impossible to replicate the taste and essence of the dishes.

Here is something for your taste

  • Burrito: A burrito is definitely one of the topped foods in the list of Mexican cuisine. It made up of a flour tortilla with a filling inside it. The combination of Mexican rice, beans, with ingredients like salsa, cream and avocado is very delight and tasty. Nothing beats the taste of it when it is filled with cheese and served with a luscious dip.
  • Tacos: A taco filled with veggies and cheese is another popular dish in Mexican cuisine. A great taste of salsa, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce can never be resisted by anyone. Tacos are prepared with corn flour and veggies and hence it is highly nutritious.
  • Tomato salsa: This salsa dip is perfectly known around the world for its tanginess. It gives yummy flavours with the perfect balance of freshness. When it is served with crispy bites, it can easily disappear in no time!
  • Elote: Elote is the Mexican name for corns. This is one of the famous foods that are found in every street corner in Mexico. The corn is traditionally boiled and served on a stick with the combination of salt, chilli powder, lime, butter, cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream. Nothing can ever beat the taste of it.

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