Flavors of world: Japanese cuisine

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Flavors of world: Japanese cuisine

If you love to eat and enjoy exploring food and culinary traditions, Japan should be on your travel bucket list. Japan is a paradise for food gourmet around the world, where you can find vast food choices. The cuisine is influenced by various food customs, but has been adopted and redefined to create its unique cooking style and eating habits.

All about culinary traditions

Being one of the most popular cuisines in the world, Japanese food is known for its distinctive flavors. The cuisine comprises of the regional and traditional foods of Japan, which is majorly characterized by light, simple, local and rustic flavors with artful presentation.

The traditional Japanese cooking also known as washoku emphasizes on variety and balance and is a culmination of centuries of cooking practices in Japan. Japanese cuisine is also listed as an intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

The food is the harmony of fresh ingredients combined with a few staple seasonings, which make up the majority of Japanese dishes. Another interesting fact about the cooking is that almost every dish is flavored with the same building blocks, soy sauce, mirin and sake.

Soy sauce is the most common ingredient, which is exclusive to Japanese cuisine and has a strong and salty flavor that is used in Asian foods. All the three ingredients add the classic flavor that makes up the base for many dishes and sauces.

The whole aspect of Japanese food culture is full of rich experiences but it might be a little difficult to develop the distinct taste. The food goes beyond just sushi and incorporates the basis of five cooking techniques like grilling, steaming, boiling and frying. Although the main components of sushi like seafood, seaweeds, soy products and salted or pickled ingredients are found in most of the traditional Japanese meal. Along with the mild taste other highlight is aromatic food with number of basic seasonings, such as salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce and wasabi. Also, the traditional menu consists of one soup with three vegetables and is said to provide an ideal nutritional balance, which is an additional benefit.

Flavors of Japan

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