Flavors of the world: Thai Cuisine

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Flavors of the world: Thai Cuisine

The highlights of Thailand are tropical jungles, exotic beaches and humid weather. Apart from it, the place is well-known for the amazing food and hospitality. It is one of the most internationally spread cuisine, which makes it the most popular and fascinating cuisines in the world. Explore the Thai food culture as it is full of flavorful delight.

Evolution of Thai flavors

The great liking for the cuisine around the world is to be ascribed to its origin and the influence it had over the centuries. The culinary traditions and cuisines are considered as a combination of Eastern and Western influences. Along with the extensive history, the place has received impact from neighboring countries. The creative and varied Thai cuisine is largely inspired by Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China with the abundance of flavors. Due to Burmese and Chinese influence, the northern region has cuisine, which is predominantly mild and southern region has an inclination towards more spicy food.

The rich cultural background and regional variations correlate to neighboring states that offer the delectable cuisine. There is something for everyone on the menu of Thai cuisine as the food is a perfect blend of spice and bland. It is unique in its own way with a balance of five different flavors- sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. Also, ingredients tend to vary based on geographical location, but often the dishes are prepared with curry, fresh spices and coconut.

The flavors of the cuisine lay a lot of importance to the combination of sauces, pastes and herbs. Also, veggies are evident in the curries and desserts are loaded with fresh fruits. From restaurants to hawker stalls, eating in Thailand is a complete treat as the dishes are cooked with strong aromatic ingredients. Some of the popular fragrant spices are coriander, garlic, turmeric, galangal, lemon grass and basil.

The cuisine is also influenced by Indian spices and flavors, which can be marked in its famous green and red curries. Still it manages to maintain the exquisite flavors that make it one of the most tempting cuisines in the world. Thai desserts are also quite distinguished because of the use of fruits, coconut cream and sweet sticky rice.

The aromatic blend

Tom Yum Goong- The bowl of sour and spicy shrimp soup is flavorful and aromatic with refreshing fragrance of lemon grass, galangal, lime leaves, shallots and lemon juice with fish sauce. For the thicker and richer version of the soup, the classic versatile dish can be made with coconut milk.

Pad Thai- Pad Thai is a fried flat noodle dish prepared with tofu, eggs, beansprouts and sauces. It can also be prepared with vegetables and is easily available on almost every street corner.

Thai green chicken curry- One of the famous Thai dishes is Thai green curry. It is usually prepared in coconut milk with onions, lime leaves, basil leaves, galangal and green paste. The mild spiced curry is a blend of spices and chicken and goes well with a plate of steam rice.

Som Tam- It is a green papaya salad that comes in a variety of styles. The classic dish consists of shredded green papaya, tomatoes, carrots, peanuts, garlic, palm sugar, fish sauce, lime juice, dried shrimp with chilies.

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