Eat Like a Local- Marvellous Flavours of Mizoram

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Eat Like a Local- Marvellous Flavours of Mizoram

India is a country with varied cultures, religions, languages and most importantly food. The more you travel through different states of India, the more you earn about its culture and authentic cuisines. Food is what attracts everybody the most and each state of India has its own delicacies when it comes to food. Amongst all states that offers you with their flavourful cuisines, one of the North eastern states called Mizoram, has a variety of super-amazing and delicious delicacies to offer that you must try upon as soon as you plan your next trip to Mizoram. The Mizo food is light and mild influenced with Chinese and North Indian cuisines. For instance- Rice, like North India makes for a staple food here as well which is enjoyed with both vegetarian and non – vegetarian cuisines especially fish. The best part of Mizo food is its traditional style of serving on the banana leaves and is prepared using mustard oil, which makes the food attractive and enticingly irresistible. So, below are the delicacies which are a must try-

  • Koat Pitha- It is a special dessert made using jaggery, banana & rice and is enjoyed during special occasions. These fried fritters are crispy on the exterior with melt in mouth interiors. Sometimes fish is also added to these fritters since it is the staple food there.
  • Paanch Phoron Torkari- It is one of the most famous dishes from Mizoram and is made both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian styles. Brinjal, pumpkins and potatoes are used to make this dry dish in vegetarian style and on the other hand chicken is used with vegetables to make the same dish in nonvegetarian style.
  • Misa Mach Poora – Misa Mach Poora is one of the perfect delicacies if you are a shrimp lover. It is made using peppercorns, mustard oil, coriander powder, and pepper powder and lime juice to give it a tangy flavour. If you are one who fall for zesty and bold flavours, this one is surely for you.
  • Mizo Vawksa- Mizo Vawka is an amazing dish made using stir fried smoked pork with baby spinach and oyster mushrooms along with crushed garlic, ginger, green chilli and pepper. It is one of the most popular dishes in Mizoram which is enjoyed with steamed or sticky rice.
  • Chhum Han- If you are a vegetarian and prefer zingy and tangy flavours, Chhum Han is surely a must try. It is made with mixed steam vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and ginger and tastes the best when paired with rice this dish surely makes for a healthy and nutritional treat.
  • Bai – Bai is a delicious Mizo dish which is prepared using steamed vegetables, pork, spinach and bamboo shoots spiced with local herbs. It is mostly made with pork sauce and mustard sauce. It is also prepared in a vegetarian version using cauliflower stalks, florets, potatoes, beans, chillies and cooked rice. It is one of the most easily available delicacies in Mizoram.
  • Bamboo Shoot Fry- This is another delicious dish for all vegetarians out there. This bamboo shoot delicacy is made with fried bamboo tossed with herbs. Sometimes, shitake mushrooms and other vegetables are also added to this amazing delicacy. It is also known to be a light snack in Mizoram and is generally enjoyed in the evening along with tea.

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Apart from these super amazing delicacies, Zu or local tea along with Labrusca grape wine makes for an important part of every meal in Mizoram. So, next time you plan a trip to Mizoram, don’t forget to add these delicacies to your menu list.

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