Caulimania is here to stay

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Caulimania is here to stay

Cauliflower, this cousin of broccoli is becoming a champ of every meal from cauliflower rice to pizza crusts. Gone are the days when this dynamic vegetable was used only in making gobi paranthas or gobi-ki-sabzi.

Cauliflower is known to have a reputation for being the most boring and blandest vegetable. It has always been received a big NO from kids when it comes to serving cauliflower on their dinner plate and kids absolutely despise this flavourless food.

The world is going cauli-crazed, are you too?

Now, cauliflower has become one of the newest fads — celebrities, chefs, and bloggers worldwide are indulging in these florets. Forget that boiled or cheesy baked version; cauliflower is now a healthy substitute for rice, potatoes, pasta and makes a mighty fine pizza crust.This gluten free and low carb food has gotten a lot of praise lately (for all the right reasons).

Let’s explore CAULI-MANIA

Big-name grocery mainstays are really upping their game on veggie options, specifically of the cauliflower kind, making the frozen sections a cauli-mania. Green Giant this frozen food brands has a whole bunch of cauliflower products, including pizza crust, cauliflower rice, ++ cauliflower mashed potatoes.

There are several cauliflower-specific start-up food brands that have popped up recently. Caulipower has pretty much eliminated the need for flour with their cauli-fied pizza crusts, tortillas, baking mixes. From the Ground Up sports an award-winning line of cauliflower snacks including chips, crackers, pretzels. Cauli’flour Foods recently released cauli-chips Vegan-Rob’s has included Cauliflower Puffs to their probiotic puffs snack line!

Several brands are boosting their cauliflower game, including big-time grocery mainstays like Green Giant startups like Caulipower, stocking the freezer aisles full of cauliflower.

There are many benefits to incorporating or substituting for cauliflower in your diet, even more ways to cook this awesome underrated veggie.

  • There’s a compound called sulforaphane in cruciferous vegetables that helps our bodies fight cancer. Sulforaphane actively kills cancer stem cells, slowing a tumor’s growth.
  • Cauliflower boasts weight loss properties because of its fiber content.
  • Rich source for antioxidants — these are good for protecting your cells from harmful free radicals, inflammation, several different types of cancer or chronic illnesses.
  • Cauliflower is a good source of choline, an essential nutrient that aids in several important bodily functions, including supporting brain development, metabolism, a healthy nervous system.

You can try recipes like cauliflower kurma recipe, baked gobi manchurian, gobi biryani and a lot more.

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