2019 Wrap Up- Flavours of World

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2019 Wrap Up- Flavours of World

2019 is about to end and we all are waving to it all in a very good term. But before taking a part off – we all should indulge in some flashback and relive the best of 2019. Let us take you back to the feelings of nostalgia and sum up some of the great flavours of the world that can make you refreshing and soothing while giving your taste buds a unique and different flavour.  

We give these recipes a shot in 2019, now it’s your turn to try them and enrich yourself with the punch of healthiness and yumminess before the last few days of this year wind up.

So, here are some of the best wrap-ups of recipes of different cuisines around the world.

Harira: Harira is considered as a traditional soup and is associated with morocco. It is enriched with various healthy ingredients like flour, tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, onions, rice and meat. Not only it is soothing and relaxing but it is great to be served as a starter and can also be consumed as a light and healthy snack. You can add various variations while cooking it according to your need.

For the full recipe visit the link below


Baked cinnamon buns: These cinnamon buns are the speciality of Swedish and are very appealing and soft. With the pinch of cardamom and a buttery filling, these are both luscious and healthy. The wheat flour used in the preparation gives it a healthy twist with perfect nutritional value. Add these to your bucket list if you are so in love with the buns.

For the full recipe visit the link below


Mizeria: Mizeria is a type of salad and is associated with the cuisine of polish. It is made up of thinly sliced or grated cucumbers, sour cream and various types of herbs and spices. You can add various other ingredients like onions, lemon juice, sugar, chives, mint or parsley. You can add it to all your meals and relish yourself with the goodness of nutrients.

For the full recipe visit the link below


Langos: Langos is one of the great recipes of Hungarian and is eminent to consume in breakfast. You can make it healthier by baking it instead of cooking it by the method of frying. This dish is well known on the streets of Hungary and works perfectly as your snacking partner.

For the full recipe visit the link below


Ravioli: We all love Italian food! This dish comes first in the list of Italian menu and is extremely soothing for the taste buds. Ravioli is prepared with pureed tomato, basil and parsley with the punch of perfectly blended spices. Basically, it is a type of pasta but when served in rich tomato sauce, it works perfectly as a delicious treat for all.

For the full recipe visit the link below


Above written are some of the outstanding recipes of the world. Know more about different flavours that are relishing for the buds by visiting the links below.





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