Pilates: Five Reasons you Should Definitely Try it

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Pilates: Five Reasons you Should Definitely Try it

Ah, the Pilates! You have listened to this word a lot in recent times and you might have seen a lot of women doing it in the videos and photos. But do you know what exactly it is and how it can benefit the body? If no, then you have come to the right place! We bring you every pointer that will help you in explaining every little thing about this type of exercise.

Pilates is a physical fitness form of exercise and named after the person ‘Joseph Pilates’ who developed it. Pilates offers plenty of benefits to your body while making it more flexible and toned. The basic methodology behind Pilates is ‘Contrology’ and by making your body particular and controlled it can give you flattened abs and slimmer waist in no time. Be it body, mind and flexibility it can do wonders on each and every part of your body.

A lot of fitness enthusiasts out there are becoming Pilates aficionado. Due to its increasing craze all around the world, many people are incorporating Pilates into your routine. So, if you haven’t thought of doing Pilates yet then we have jotted down certain points that definitely motivate you to switch to it. Check out some of the exclusively awesome power of Pilates.

Increases flexibility: Pilates includes loads of stretches of the muscles and body which directly helps in increasing flexibility. Pilates is basically an art of controlling which helps in making your body elastic and changeable. You might see it as yoga but it is different and unique from it. The bending involved in Pilates is so soothing and relaxing that it can make your body stretchy and adaptable in no time.

Develops core strength: Pilates can give you toned abs in a very less period of time. It involves deep strengthening of the back, abdomen from the pelvic floor which strengthens the core and ultimately leads to the stiff and finely cut abs. Add Pilates in your lifestyle if you want to get the flawless belly and perfectly moulded abs.

Increases energy: It might look like a paradox but the more you add exercise in your regular lifestyle, the more you get improved energy levels. Pilates makes your breath and the circulation of blood moving which further helps in gaining your energy. Not only this, but it also motivates the muscles of the spine to keep going and deluges the body with good feelings. All you have to take care of is- start it with a quick workout or a 5-minute Pilates pick-up and you are all set to go!

Promotes weight loss: If you consistently practice Pilates, it will definitely help in losing those extra pounds from all over your body. Pilates tone your muscles, balances a great weight and also give you a slimmer body. If you want to lose weight through Pilates, the formula will remain the same: Burn more calories than you are taking. You can also combine Pilates with some aerobic activity for effective results.

Improves posture: By doing Pilates correctly, you can improve your posture and can also make your back and core enhanced and stronger. You can start doing it with basic and then shift through the mat and equipped exercises.

Pilates not only takes your body towards betterment but also strengthens your core and muscles by giving it proper energy. So, add this great form of exercise in your schedule and say hi to a well-toned body in no time!

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