How A Goal Keeper’s Diet Is Different From Other Players?

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How A Goal Keeper’s Diet Is Different From Other Players?

Penned in their goal post waiting to save the shots, with zeal to do the best! That’s a goal keeper for you. The Goalkeeper needs to be attentive in such a fast pace of game and their area of concern which requires a good focus, energy and stamina for the match. So what’s their requirement in the field of food? How do they acquire it? Let’s know how a goal keeper’s diet is different from other players.

The Difference
Talking about the other players in the field they tend to cover a large distance and don’t need to stay in one place like the goal keeper. As they are on the constant movement they tend to burn more energy. Goalkeeper on the other hand, don’t need to cover any distance but need to keep a close eye, that they don’t put on weight as its harder to fling across the goal. This in a way, makes a difference in their nutrition intake and of the other players.

What They Should Eat

  • Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. So, Goalkeeper should eat more carbohydrates than fat.
  • Protein helps to repair and build muscles; they need adequate amounts of protein for muscle power as being a goal keeper they have to stand for a long time.
  • Although they need less fat than the other player, they can’t completely skip the healthy fat as it has been shown to help fight off inflammation and may reduce the risk of injury while playing.

Including Carbs, Protein And Fats

  • Fruit, nuts and one serving of espressos make the perfect pre-match meal for most of the goal keeper.
  • Fluid intake during the match to prevent dehydration and a light meal that might be a tofu salad.
  • A post-game snack might include low-fat cheese, a hard-boiled egg or fish and a banana.

Over to you
what you eat can give you an edge in the tournament. A bad nutrition can hamper your performance. Make a point to have a balanced diet.

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