Gear Up for World Cup – Bleed Blue

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Gear Up for World Cup – Bleed Blue

Cricket as a game from a modest beginning has come a long way and has now also evolved into a big entertainment industry apart from just being a sporting event. There are many contributing factors for the phenomenal growth of the game called Cricket, such as, the advent of TV telecast coupled with sponsors, franchise, commercials, and what not has made Cricket a lucrative sports and a hit with the masses. However, there is one constant factor contributing silently to the cause in all these years of Cricket’s stupendous growth and that is the ever- passionate spectator.

Cricket World Cup, is an international cricket championship which is held at four-year intervals that is the premier contest in one-day cricket and one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.

The world is all set to witness the most-awaited event of cricket for the year 2019 – the ICC Cricket World Cup. The audience at present will witness the 12th edition of the World Cup organised by the International Cricket Council from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019.

This cricketing festival will be organised for the 12th time in the history of cricket. The first Cricket World Cup was played way back in the year 1975. And, this time, England and Wales are the official hosts of the World Cup which will feature 48 matches between the top 10 cricket teams of the World.

Among the top 10 teams, India is one of the team on whom the entire nation focuses on. It was in 1983, when India emerged as cricket world cup champions, followed by 2011. Earlier, ahead of the World Cup, Bleed Blue a campaign was launched which featured a clutch of Indian cricketers – Zaheer Khan, Virat Kohli, Sreesanth, Sachin Tendulkar, M. S. Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir. Built on team India’s blue colours, it celebrated the gritty spirit of “Blood, sweat and blue”. An outdoor and press campaign, which showed each cricketer bleeding blue, was followed by a television commercial espousing the head-on approach to cricket. Break boundaries to achieve dreams, the advertisement urged, banish fear, pain and excuses as one play to win. Thus, Bleed Blue” is also a powerful thought relevant to all lives, hence connected spontaneously with the event.

Cricket is a long game with various requirements; explosive time management, strength to sit for long hours, focus and concentration. All these factors are heavily influenced by what one eats. Since, food is fuel and if the body is fuelled right it helps to keep one at optimum level in all respect either playing or witnessing.

While an individual does not need special supplements or diet but certain guidelines works the best, such as:

  • Drink plenty of water in-order to stay hydrated.
  • Monitor your alcohol intake, keep it to the minimum
  • Choose healthy snacks.
  • Keep moving after every-intervals to avoid some long-term health conditions
  • Choose natural energy drinks such as lemonade, coconut water instead of carbonated drinks.
  • Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet

Over to You

So, the much-awaited ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has just begun. In fact, merely a couple of days separate us when things set in motion with our Team Blue.

It’s show time- Gear Up for the World Cup


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