Bend It like A Yogi- International Yoga Day 2019

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Bend It like A Yogi- International Yoga Day 2019

Yoga is a deeply enrooted physical activity since ancient era- widely known to uplift the mental, physical and spiritual health. Technically derived from a Sanskrit word with a meaning to unite which symbolizes the union of your body and consciousness. In today’s era it’s been practiced across the world and continues to gain popularity. International yoga day first came into the universal appeal, on date backed, 11th December 2014 followed by United Nations proclamation, “21st June will be The International Day of Yoga” aiming to raise awareness for practicing yoga all around the world. For additional knowledge, International Yoga Day is celebrated by the Ministry of “AYUSH” in India.

2019 International Yoga Day Theme: #climateaction

Yoga is not just about flexibility, it’s way beyond it! And that’s what the theme of 2019 International yoga day has to serve “Climate Action”. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that we all face today.

Practicing yoga creates the balance in your life and enables your health to adjust with life changing behavioral. Such life changing behavioral may include health issues, mental issues, and physical health with the changing of climate as well. Since climate change takes the human body to toil, practicing yoga crafts your body in such a manner wherein it gets adjusted with it without letting the body suffer. Nonetheless, as it’s always said that a single lifestyle change can’t lead to the overall well-being, you also have to ensure to follow a healthy and clean diet to achieve the same.
After this, if you are looking out for the reasons to practice yoga then follow us till the end of this blog and have pocket full of reasons to practice yoga daily!

  • Strengthens Muscles: Strong muscles are the most look after body goals. When you practice yoga continuously the muscles get strengthens through it, with the balance of flexibility. Later on which protects the body from conditions such as back pain and arthritis that lately prevent your muscles from any damage in elder age.
  • Improves Bone Health: It has been documented several times that weight-bearing physical activities strengthen your bones health and aids in warding off osteoporosis. And knowingly, that there are numerous postures in yoga in which you lift your own body weight, helps the bones positively and particularly prevents fractures.
  • Enhances Blood Flow: Practicing yoga enhances blood flow, especially in hands and feet. Yoga assists in supplying more of oxygen to your cells, leading to better functioning as a result. Several body twisting poses wrings out venous blood out from internal organs allowing oxygenated blood to circulate once you releases the twist.
  • Boosts Immunity: Contracting and stretching of muscles, movement of organs, while certain yoga postures increases the drainage of lymph- glutinous fluid rich in immunity cells. That helps your lymphatic system to fight off infection, disposes off the toxic waste of cellular functioning and destroys cancerous cells.
  • Releases Happy Hormones: Number of studies have found that the constant yoga practice has been associated with improved mental health which includes, depression, panic attacks and anxiety. Yoga leads to a noteworthy raise in serotonin levels (happy hormone) and reduce the monoamine oxidase and cortisol levels (stress hormones).
  • Aids in Digestion: Regular practice of yoga improves the digestion by stimulating the releases of digestive juices and certain yoga postures gives you relief from constipation, irregular bowel move and inflammation.
  • Over to you

    Getting on regular track of yoga practice makes your body moves and burn off the calories. Apart from that, it has spiritual and emotional dimensions that may encourage your eating habits as well.


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