Nothing Natural about It- Even Naturally Sweet Drinks can Increase Diabetes Risk

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Nothing Natural about It- Even Naturally Sweet Drinks can Increase Diabetes Risk

It is said that drinks with added sugar can increase the risk of Type-2 diabetes while a new study suggests that this can happen for naturally sweet drinks as well. Various products that claim to be made of 100% fruit juices, or artificially sweetened beverages, such as “diet” soft drinks can also take your body to the path of destructiveness increasing the overall risk of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Drinking sugary drinks on a regular basis that consists of added sugar can harm a person in many ways. It not only leads to obesity but also proliferates the risk of type-2 diabetes while affecting metabolic mechanisms. But be aware! Those fancy “diet” soda and 100% fruit juices are no way healthy. Products with the tagline “No added sugar” cannot make you feel any healthier and can also drive you towards a path of sickness and can even cause you diabetes.

Many of us believe that naturally sweet drinks are healthy and there are many fitness freaks who’d always replace the sugary drinks with these low-fat or diet drinks. However, recent research by Medical News Today has shown that people who consume an increased number of soft drinks with added sugars and naturally sweet fruit drinks by over 4 ounces per day have a 16% higher risk of diabetes.

Naturally sweet drinks are not as good for the health as people may think. The research suggests that people should take caution when they opt for sweet drinks. More specifically, switching one daily serving of a sweet drink (fruit juices) with water or unsweetened coffee or tea can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes by 2–10%. Or, the best you can do is- instead of going for fruit juices, choose to have a whole fruit instead because it preserves the valuable fibre.

The researchers have suggested pieces of evidence about the health risks associated with natural/artificial sugary substances and the benefits of decreasing the intake of these drinks with healthier alternatives like water, coconut water, herbal and green tea.

Here is a list of some food items that would assist you in preventing or managing diabetes while telling you about what to eat and what not eat.

Best Choices

  1. Whole grains like oat bran, quinoa, millet, brown rice or amaranth
  2.  Baked sweet potato
  3.  Green and fresh veggies like kale, spinach, and arugula (roasted or grilled).
  4.  Steamed vegetables
  5.  Fruits like oranges, apple, peach, pear, papaya.
  6.  Cinnamon
  7. Fenugreek
  8.  Turmeric
  9. Egg whites

Worst Choices

  1.  Processed or junk foods made of refined flour
  2. Sugary drinks
  3.  Oily foods like patties, pakodas, pooris
  4. Cereals with sugar
  5. White bread
  6.  Fried foods like French fries, white-flour tortillas, fritters and many more
  7.  Fried Vegetables (kills the nutrients)


Load up your diet with healthy foods and try to avoid sugary drinks and food as much as you can as it not only makes you sicker but also leads to many other problems like weight gain, bad immune function, and tooth decaying!

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