Watch Your Diet This Monsoon

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Watch Your Diet This Monsoon

Everyone enjoys the monsoons but the fact that the season is a host of flu and infection, cannot be denied. You too must have fallen sick several times during this particular season due to the changes in weather . Not merely confined to flu and infection, the climate during monsoons also serves as the breeding ground for dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Thus, make keeping your surroundings hygienic your foremost priority while focusing on a diet which will enable your body to prevent from getting infected.

A diet packed with required nutrients offer a boost to your immunity levels that replenish your body to tackle with the changes in weather. Among the essential nutrients, protein is a vigilant macronutrient prepping your internal soldiers to ensure a repairing to any kind of wear and tear to your body and aid in the fight against flu and infection. Include lean proteins in your diet like dal, quinoa, eggs, turkey, and chicken. However, avoid foods that are loaded with saturated and trans fats. Another impactful nutrient is zinc which gives a boost to the white blood cells and the body’s immunity. So, do make sure to include foods which are rich in zinc such as beans, whole-grains, nut, and seeds.

Giving a boost to your immunity is necessary for monsoon but including vitamin C in your diet is equally important to fight against free radicals. Amla and kiwi provide the high doses of this essential nutrient. Most of the health problems that we face during this season can be treated using home remedies. To treat skin infections caused during the rainy season, boil neem leaves in water and mix it into your bathing water. Similarly, having some ginger tea with honey cures a sore throat. Make a habit of consuming foods rich in vitamin C to win the battle against viral infections and for faster recovery.

Last, but not the least, it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated not only in summer but also during the monsoon. A natural tendency of cutting down on the consumption of water due to the cooler weather conditions can put you at risk of contracting several diseases and infections which are common during the season. Hence, make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Drink mild warm water to keep your metabolism on the right track.

Rains are pleasing, but at times they might turn out to be a little harsh on your health owing to the spread of flu and infection. So, buckle up yourself with vital nutrients and don’t forget to take care of surroundings’ hygiene to enjoy the rains to the fullest.  



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