Vegetable juices over fruit juices

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Vegetable juices over fruit juices

Juices have turned into huge health trends that just won’t fade away. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify the body and promote weight loss is one of the latest trends of healthy eating in the world. Having vegetable juices can give you a whole lot of variety that you may not be able to eat in a single meal also provide multitude health benefits over fruit juices.

Here are some facts about how vegetable juices beat fruit juices in terms of overall health benefits.

Sugar content- Fruits contain high amounts of natural sugar. A single serving of grape juice has been found to have 50% more sugar than a single serving of Coke. Therefore, some fruit juices are also advised to take in moderation or to avoid in case of diabetes or in high sugar levels whereas most vegetable juices have low sugar content, therefore, adds low calories and sugar to the body.

Fibre – Fruits have low fibre content as compared to vegetables, fruit juices lack fibre of the whole fruit as it is lost while juicing, therefore, vegetables should be opting as a juice as it will provide you with some of the fibre you require to keep your digestive system healthy.

Alkaline nature– The Human body needs a more alkaline environment than the acidic environment to function correctly. Fruits are more acidic in nature than vegetables. Vegetables help to maintain the pH balance of the body and alkalize it to contribute to overall good health. Thus vegetable juices are more beneficial than fruit juices.

Over to you– There is no doubt that both fruits and vegetable juices have nutritional values but choosing vegetable juices over fruit juices are more beneficial and healthy in long run.

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