Tips And Tricks To Enjoy Your Navratri Thali

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Tips And Tricks To Enjoy Your Navratri Thali

Finally, after detoxifying your body, the most awaited days is here! Maha Navami- the day when especial navratri thali laden with halwa, chana, puri and aloo sbazi is prepared at home to wind up the fasting ritual. We completely understand this delicious navratri thali is irresistible to get replaced with any other food. So, don’t worry, we won’t ask you to sacrifice on any of them. But wait! It doesn’t mean you can binge on navratri thali just like that. You want to know why? Refer the next paragraph for it.

If you are the one, who observed fasts during navratri, there is a possibility of binge eating on the day of maha navami, which is absolutely natural. But also has adverse health effects that may reverse the motif of fasting. Yes, absolutely your guess is right! The detoxification you gave to your body during fasting may reach to its start point after binge eating your navratri thali.

So, here we are providing you some tips and tricks to enjoy your navratri thali.

  • Eat off a smaller plate: The very first thing to do is to avoid the situation of binge eat your navratri thali and for that you have to look at your plate size. This first step of looking after the size of your plate will help you know the highest possibility of binge eating and you can accordingly cut off the ratio by opting for a smaller plate. If you eat from smaller plate, technically you will end up eating less.
  • Change your meal time: We know it sounds intuitive but mark our words; it is really going to help you out. It seem to have an inherent ability to forget and then revert. So, sit down for your breakfast pretty early than usual as we become so ingrained in our habits that we forget, we don’t have to eat at a set time. If you pig out at a certain time and move your mealtime pretty early and eat when you don’t have the feeling to binge eat.
  • Split Your Meals: Again, doing so will too hundred percent help you! If you split your meal in courses and have in after equally divided intervals, it will lessen your urge to eat more and hence avoid the situation of binge eating. If you are still not so sure that you try it at your home this maha navami and experience fixing the issues on your own. Else you can have smaller meal early in morning and the big in late half.
  • Change The Way You Fast: Some people totally prohibit eat in navratri and stay on liquid diet. Doing so, in any which way is completely unhealthy for the body as it leads to body weakening plus leads you to binge eat at the end. So, it’s better to change this way of fasting and go for small and frequent eating habit of fruits or anything preferable in navratri fast.

Over to you
We hope this blog has offered you some realistic ideas to avoid the situation of binge eat after this navratri fast. So instead of ruining your hard work and devotion in the seven- eight days of navratri fasting, try these tips and tricks to enjoy your navratri thali.

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