Threats to Heart Health

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Threats to Heart Health

Your lifestyle might include several risk factors that contribute to numerous heart issues and play a significant role in determining whether you’re likely to develop certain heart disease or not. Two such factors are diet and lifestyle factors are age and heredity which are hard to control or prevent. Furthermore, the heart is at increased risk around the age of fifty-five in women and forty-five in men. Also, the risk of getting heart disease may be greater if you are close family members having history in heart disease.

On the top of everything, diet and lifestyle choices also increase the risk for heart disease. As a way to reduce such a great risk, you need to know what could be those factors. But before we proceed further with the same we would also like to share that healthy eating behaviour can lower the risk for heart disease. So, here are some unhealthy diet and lifestyle factors contributing to heart disease.

  • Unhealthy Diet: Diets which are excessively high in harmful fats like trans fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol, especially fried food have been immensely linked to heart disease and various related conditions like atherosclerosis. Heart disease is not just the result of excessive consumption of unhealthy fats but also of too much salt in the diet. All these factors lead to the raise blood pressure levels while hampering your heart health.
  • Obesity: Obesity- an excess body fat can be counted as the major lifestyle factor contributing to heart disease. Obesity is associated with a high level of harmful cholesterol and triglyceride levels and lower heart-healthy cholesterol levels in your body. Therefore, in addition to heart issues, obesity leads to high blood pressure levels and diabetes affecting your heart adversely.
  • Physical Inactivity: Lack of enough physical activity needed by your body is the most common lifestyle factor which can possibly lead to heart disease. Physical inactivity can also increase the odds of having additional medical conditions that are risk factors, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes which all are connected to heart issues again.
  • Tobacco Use: Use of tobacco cause the risk for heart disease including heart stroke. Smoking damages the heart and blood vessels, leading to the risk for heart conditions like atherosclerosis. Nicotine in it raises blood pressure and carbon monoxide that reduces oxygen present in your blood can carry. Moreover, secondhand smoke present in the atmosphere can also raise the risk for heart disease even for nonsmokers.
  • Too Much Alcohol: That’s true, that drinking excessive alcohol is the cause to raise the risk for heart disease and other issues that lead to cause heart disease in the longer run. Also, it increases the levels of triglycerides (a form of cholesterol) that harden your arteries. Women should have no more than one drink a day. Men should have no more than two drinks on a daily basis if addicted to alcohol.

Over to you

Such uncontrolled diet and lifestyle factors can contribute to increased risk of heart disease and therefore, today we have tried to explain you these factors so that you can limit these factors to promote a healthy heart and a better future. So, switch to habits that contribute to longer and healthier lives.


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