The Right Way to Lose the Vacation Weight

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The Right Way to Lose the Vacation Weight

Vacation is a surprise package where there should be no space for work or any other stressor. It is about wandering around, exploring new stuff and gorging on a sumptuous menu. Being conscious for following a healthy diet is very difficult when you’re holidaying. This results in increased waistline by the end of the vacation!

Well, if that’s the scenario you encounter at some or the other point in your life, then you might be thinking to cut down those extra kilos and unnecessary body mass by following some random crash diet. Dear readers, we are here to guide you to the right way to lose weight naturally and some specific side effects of crash diet. So, do go through it first and then give it a thought before you opt for the crash diet.

Putting up on extra kilos might be disheartening but following a crash diet to lose it can be endangering for your health, maybe not in a short span but definitely in the long run. Conventional wisdom says that losing weight in short span is neither safe nor sustainable. You always gain it back rapidly and even more than ever before.

Slowing down of the metabolism, weakening of the bones and immune system, deprivation from essential nutrients, cardiac stress and loss of muscle are few of the side effects that you might experience leading to long-term health complications.

Heath declination

  •  While following a crash diet, your body doesn’t get enough of the essential nutrients it needs for optimal body functioning. In the presence of nutritional deficiencies, the risk of leaching minerals from your bones, leaching of iron from your blood and many other consequences can be seen.
  •  Your body undergoes a survival mode since you restrict the calorie intake and reduce the calories your body burns during daily activities. When eventually you start eating normally, it becomes very easy to put the pounds back on for your body, as of now it was burning lesser calories than it used to, before the crash diet.
  •   Following a diet free of essential fat required by your is not at all acceptable since your body needs thirty percent of its daily calories from fats. And if your body doesn’t get so, it leads to malnourishment.
  • Crash diets put your body under stress which is not comfortable to implement in any case. You can’t eat much and especially not from all the essential five food groups to survive a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, despite crash diet’s short-term claim, the best way to lose weight is to practice physical activity (exercise) on a regular basis and stick to the diet limiting empty calories and saturated fat, emphasizing on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and fish.

Over to you

Rather than being so restrictive, try to make your dietary habits more flexible and choose your meal from a wide range of healthier variants of dishes. Pick up your meals and snacks from an array of foods instead of eating only from two or three food groups and stop obsessively counting every single calorie, gram, and carb from what you consume. Or you can limit to smaller portions, be little conscious of your food choice and replace high-calorie dishes with fruits and vegetables. In the end, the results that you will see will be in your favor without any side effects and sustainable. So, consider eating healthy and act wisely!


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